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Trifoliate root stock in my dad's yard is disease free no greening or other disease. Other citrus in bad shape. Sugar bell is pretty good but not nearly like trifoliate. Fruit is not as bad as I thought though does have a faint weird taste that isn't good.

I wouldn't mind some seeds of some good hybrids. It seems everyone's hybrids on here are with other low quality cold tolerant citrus. If only satsuma or Meyer lemon or a tangelo like honey bell were in the mix.

Once you eliminate the off flavor being slightly bitter is not bad. Could make a lemonaid type drink. Or cross it with the Dunstan hybrid which tastes close to a grapefruit. Would be interesting most citrus here died but a few sour oranges and low quality types are healthy. Sugar bell is mostly healthy but not entirely but at least it has really good fruit.

I think Swingle citrumelo is a decent lemon. Iíve made lemon pie with it. I drink poncirus lemonade. I just boil the juice and siphon off the bitter oil after it settles out in a jar in fridge overnight. Then freeze the juice in one cup freezer containers. I mix one cup of processed poncirus juice to a full size orange juice decanter and add nine truvia packets and stir. I have an orange juice glass of this lemonade every morning with breakfast.

Vegan Potato Man:
Jared made juice with the trifoliate orange and reported that his significant other had a bad reaction to it, just fyi.

Benton Citrange is quite passable, slight mandarin flavour, better than Troyer or Carizzo Citrange.
Thomasville Citrangequat is not too bad.
Swingle fruit are ok here, Pineapple scent with a bit of Trifoliata.
As I remember from Citrus Growers Forum, a member had a fruiting Swingle in Germany but found the fruit not so great in that climate.

Aren't there any hybrids that are maybe 1/4 or 1/8 trifoliate- enough for improved disease resistance/cold tolerance but low enough where the fruit is of good quality.

Swingle (grapefruit x trifoliate) is a great idea for cold tolerance. Grapefruit are the most cold tolerant citrus that produce edible fruit, though maybe Satsumas have similar cold tolerance. But grapefruit has the same disease resistance as other citrus- which is to say it gets killed by disease. So it's not worth the lower fruit quality in this case.

Benton doesn't like calcerous soils which rules out growing in Florida. May be other ones that don't like it either I didn't check for all of them. Thomasville citrangequat seems most promising being only 1/4 trifoliate. Though being half kumquat which contributes to cold tolerance and some disease resistance, but still a tart fruit. It does seem to have edible fruit though even if not the best. If this was crossed one more time with a sugar bell or something that would probably be a good variety.

I did find this. What would appear to be 1/4 trifoliate crossed with unknown regular citrus and producing decent fruit. Though they want a lot of money for it and also out of stock. If anyone had seeds from something like this I'd like to grow them. I guess the problem is that most trifoliate hybrids their seeds are clones making it hard to cross again.


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