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Pedigree of some HLB tolerant Citrus varieties.

Ambersweet x US119 is FF 1-74-14
I am not sure if it is already released

Anybody here growing any of these and have seeds? I see Duncan grapefruit in the lineage as well.

It seems they crossed Sugar Bell with Sundragon which has produced really good results. I'm assuming that's the tolerant mandarin they used unless maybe its sugar bell's mandarin parent. I think this is maybe 6% trifoliate. But I can find absolutely no source to buy the fruit, trees or seeds.

Selection 2: Tolerant Mandarin x ‘SunDragon’: Observations from a single tree which is the original own-rooted hybrid seedling. This is a very nice orange-like fruit that has better color than SunDragon. The parents are the two most HLB-tolerant USDA advanced selections and the original tree seems tolerant to HLB. Productivity is unknown. In initial tests was 12 Brix mid-Sept and 13-15 mid-Oct. through mid-Dec. Trifoliate off-taste isn’t noticed. ARS analysis found the juice agreeable and OJ like. Poncirus in pedigree may complicate regulatory approval for OJ. Expected to be clean from DPI in the next two months. Selected for CRDF replicated trials.

some more SunDragon progeny:

They will have to release some of these eventually. Citrus is just too important of a crop in Florida. Sugar bell is available to buy seems to be the only one. Maybe it was the first they made.

It's like with grapes.

The Florida grape program is a shame. Some time back a guy in the program stole a lot of stuff for China or something. And they lost the labels and abandoned the program more or less. They have fields of excellent grapes many not labeled anymore and I guess never to be released. Even the stuff they did release most of it nobody sells. You have to network with southern grape growers to get stuff. I think maybe three of the main varieties can be bought online stover, dunstans dream and Blanc du Boise and the lesser foxie Lottie. It's frustrating when they have a ton of good hybrids but you can't buy them anywhere.

For people who want cold hardy citrus sun dragon x Dunstan grapefruit would be good. Dunstan grapefruit has good cold tolerance just not much interest in the fruit. It's not a grapefruit at all but the fruit is similar to a slightly bad tasting grapefruit. At least edible enough if crossed with one of these better tasting hybrids might restore some cold tolerance and have decent fruit.


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