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My trifolate orange has red vein down the middle

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On one limb there are leaves that have this red vein down the middle.  Here is a photo.  What is this?

I see this on a few trees as the approach leaf drop in the Fall, especially if the trees are under stress. I've also seen in late Summer with bark/limb/root damage.

Possible nitrogen deficiency.  Symptom start out as yellow/orange veins with some green out on far side.


Red veins showing on a girdled seedling.

Girdled section on red -veined seedling. Note that the growth below the girdle doesn't have red leaves. In addition, the bark below the girdle is a deeper green. The off-green bark may be an related to the red leaves.

Additional seedling showing red in leaf.

looking at the first picture in the above post, I believe it is just fall coloration.


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