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Stingerless bees for pollinations

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As a child and young man I kept bees.  I like them and I like honey.  But my citrus "orchard" is on the edge of town ad bees close to a population of humans seems a bad idea.  I know at least one neighbor who is allergic.  So I'm thinking of buying a start of  native stingerless bees.  I know that some temperate zone fruit orchards are using them with good results.  Are they being used successfully with citrus and other fruits?
And as a breeder who wants masses of crosses, I'd like bees to do some of my work for me.

I am a beekeeper also.  I have a neighbor whose  house if 17 feet from mine...They do not even know I have bees.  A lot of ways to protect neighbors while beekeeping is controlling the bee's flight path....I was in Manhattan NYC and down at the Staten Island Ferry there was a Langstroth beehive about 200 yds from it...

Unicycle Mike

Australia has native stingless bees and also Blue Banded Bees which are often seen pollinating Solanums in Gardens.
There was some talk of introducing Bumblebees from USA for glasshouse pollination, but that was rejected on Environmental grounds.
After a recent outbreak of Varroa mite and a Hive movement ban, alternatives to Honeybees have been suggested including Flies which are very efficient pollinators.
Do Bumblebees pollinate Citrus ?

An alternative to buying bees, you could instead look into mixing native wildflowers into your orchard, and provide "housing" in the form of bee blocks:
For a sustainable and native solution!

Adding wild flower is a good idea.  But the town has been spraying for mosquitos for so many years that bringing in pollinaters is also a good idea,  Preferably native species that might become re established in the area.  An idea I just had istoget a hive and keep it most of the year on a nearby ranch.  Bring it to the orchard (breeding area) during bloom and moving it back for the rest of the year,  But I'd have to check what is being sprayed on the ranch land,  Aerial spraying is a big industry here,


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