Author Topic: Rare fruit for sale in NYC?  (Read 796 times)


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Rare fruit for sale in NYC?
« on: August 04, 2019, 11:53:20 PM »
I will be visiting Brooklyn in a few days. I am wondering if their are any stores or stands where I can buy some fruits that are hard to come by in the bay area (CA), where I am from. If the store is good enough I am wiling to go out of Brooklyn if necessary.  If anyone has suggestions, it's much appreciated. Thanks. 


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Re: Rare fruit for sale in NYC?
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2019, 11:21:14 AM »
Check out Canal Street in Lower Manhattan, close proximity to Brooklyn. There are many vendors set up along the street selling produce. I have purchased many rare fruits there such as Durian, mangosteen, longan etc.


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