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Hello guys.

My name is Guillermo. I am glad I found this forum. My interest in tropical fruits are 90% mango. I am working in obtaining some realy rare cultivars from other counties, will keep you posted.
Without mentioning names ( you know who you are) I will like to thank all of you responsible for starting this forum.


Hello everyone,

I'm Richard and was posting on GW as Rtees garden.

I am in the process of restarting a subtropical garden after selling my old house a few years back.  Currently I have;
Mango (4)
Lychee (3)
yellow jaboticaba
Green Sapote
Kwai Muk
and a bunch of assorted Garcinias and Euginias as well as citrus and deciduous fruits.

Almost everything i grow is outside in the ground, with the philosophy that I am trying push the limits and see just what can survive and possibly prosper here in San Diego. I can't say that I have been at it long enough to have any successes (many things are surviving and doing well so far) but I have had a bunch of failures (Durian, Rambutan some garcinia and theobroma seedlings among others).

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with others and learning more from huge storehouse of knowledge from the people that inhabit this corner of the cyber-world.

And to those who took the time to set up this new forum, thank you!  It looks as though it will be far superior to the GW format.


three yellow boxes? damn this forum rox!

seriously though, thanks to all involved in setting this up for the time, expertise and money spent.


My name is Kevin, and I'm a generic plant enthusiast- besides tropical fruits I have to share space with orchids, bromeliads, ferns, carnivorous plants, plumeria, etc.  I've had a dedicated tropical plant growing setup (in one form or another) for 20 years now; currently I have a small grow-room setup in my basement.  At my worst, I was sharing a 400-square-foot apartment with about 500 plants.  I've got a little more space now, plus a yard to play with, but if it can't survive 80-100 MPH winds several times a year and minus-20 temperatures, I have to keep it inside.

For tropical fruits, I have:
Miracle Fruit
Barbados Cherry
Guavas (dwarf, strawberry, lemon)
Chilean Guava (Ugni molinae)
Naranjilla (Solanum quitoense)
Various peppers: Trinidad Perfume (heatless Habanero- all the flavor though), Bhut Jolika, various very hot Habaneros
Australian Beach Cherry (Eugenia reinwardtiana)
various citrus

Temperate fruits (which survive 20 below zero):
Pawpaws (I believe I have one of the two flowering-size trees in the Denver area; unfortunately the other is a 2-hour drive away and they need to be cross-pollinated)
Hardy Kiwi (14 years and still no fruit...)
Honeyberries (Lonicera caerulea)

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for joining the forum. That's an impressive list of trees for indoors in Colorado. Why are there no other pawpaw trees?


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