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Hi all, my name is Michael and Iím a private fishing guide. I have recently fallen in love with the growing process and the idea of having a fruit garden. I especially love jaboticabas but also have an assortment of other Plinias as well as some garcinias and Eugenias. Iíll be the newbie thatís asks dumb questions from time to time. Iím looking forward to learning from all of you.

My name is Jack. I'm a college student who studies biology. I live in the Bay Area, and also enjoy video games, cooking, and baking.

Excited to be here. Started gardening about a year and a half ago with a strong focus on perennials and have been getting into tropical and other uncommon fruits lately. Here are some of the things I have planted in ground: 8 fig trees, guavas, mangoes, sugarcane, 6 banana, ice cream bean, goumi, pineapple, lemon, and strawberry guavas, 4 passionfruits, kumquat, blood orange, almonds, stone fruit, apples, paw paws, cherimoyas, white sapote, persimmon, pineapple, 4 grapes, 6 kiwi, longan, soursop (greenhouse), 3 avocado, chestnuts, elderberry, currants, blackberry, strawberries, russian olive, autumn olive, yerba mate, blueberries, papayas, and some native trees that came with the house.

Hi to all,
Living in a small island in the middle of Atlantic. Climate is very soft, not too hot in summer, not cold in winter, little precipitation all over the year, except for late autumn and early winter. Being a mountainous island there is nevertheless plenty of water condensing on tops and channeled through irrigation channels.
I am starting now a small project with several species and varieties.
A good part of them I wanted to be litchi. But there is very little (or none) local experience with the species.
Shall post later to ask information about this.

Greetings everyone! I have recently discovered a whole new world of mangoes and found this forum extremely useful so I decided to join. I recently purchased Nam Dok Mai, Carrie, and Mallika trees from some local nurseries. I look forward to seeing them grow and hopefully produce some fruits.



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