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Hi Guys, my name is Max and I am originally from Germany, however I recently bought a little plot in southern Spain, close to Valencia (with lots of old citrus trees, obvioulsy) and would like to start a little collection orchard of Mediteranean as well as Sub-Tropical Fruit in the near future. My interest in Sub-Tropicals only started I think 3 years back, before I was VERY invested in collecting fig trees and trial (successfully) them here in Germany. From there my interest expanded to pomegranates, persimmons, chestnuts, loquat, citrus, avocado, mango... I suppose most go through such a phase.
Now, here is my (kept short for the not so tropical fruits) list of fruit trees:

* 150+ Ficus Carica varieties
* 30+ Punica Granatum varieties
* 40+ Castanea Sativa/Mollissima/Crenata/Dentata and their hybrids
* ~200 Citrus => I think it should be mostly ORTANIQUE (Citrus reticulata Blanco x Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck)
* Avocado varieties: Joey, Mexicola, 2nd Red, Aravaipa, Duke (NOT Duke-10), Royal Wright
* Loquat: Rose Anne
My goal is to collect as many Fig, Pomegranate, Avocado, Mango, Litchee cultivars as I can find. Some Citrus (regraft some larger trees to multi-cultivar trees) and Loquat cultivars won't hurt either.
Also I want to trial date palms (phoenix dactylifera - in vitro cultivars though) and Jabuticabas as a side thing.

I hope to get to know some other people in southern Spain and Portugal.

So, that's it and thanks for listening to my pep talk  :P

What an amazing forum! Glad i ended up here somehow...
My name is Chris, Ive always had a passion for fruits. I grew up in Jamaica being exposed to quite  few unique fruits i would say sparked my interest very young. I really do enjoy playing in the dirt when im out there amending the soil and doing random things all for the love of my plants. I live in an area with iguanas currently so most of my babies are in a screened area by the pool... Which also helps with some pests and others like squirrell.
I will be moving to okeechobee soon enough with lots of weeding  and bushwacking of 6 acres ahead... no screen there and lots more to worry about like grasshopper/locust, deer and rabits.. Dont know what im going to do for my defensive approach yet..
Heres a list of whats in my collection
Coconut cream
rose apple
wax apple
star cherry
kwai muk
star apple
rollinia d
pink wampee
figs Marseilles, Panache, Kadota
strawberry guava
achacha *that is currently dying
peppers and more

Thanks for having me!

Welcome Chris! If you like the outdoors, I think you will love living in Okeechobee.

Thnakyou! I do love the outdoors, hoping to land a job in some outdoor recreations. Im excited to move and looking forward to that new chapter.

So excited to have finally made it here. Been browsing for years, literally. I finally got the site to register me, for some reason it wouldn’t register my input for “Latin avocado” it was beyond frustrating.


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