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Some of my mulberry fruits are starting to ripen so I wanted to share some photos of the ripe fruits I picked. I will put up the photos soon today.

The following mulberries are ripe here in SoCal:
1. Thai Dwarf/World's Best
2. White Pakistan
3. Australian Green
4. Saharanpur Local
5. Shahtoot/King White
6. Red Himalayan

As far as I can tell, the four white long fruited mulberries above are the same variety. The fruits are the same size, taste, and color. But I do notice there are differences in growth of the branches/leaves.

I only have the Red Himalayan fruits ripening and do not any of the other red long fruiting mulberry (i.e. Skinner, Taiwan Long).

If anyone has ripe mulberries, please share your photos and describe how you like the taste/flavor.

Once my mulberry trees are done with the fruits, I plan to cut them all back a lot so if there is interest, I will generate an Advance purchase list for the mulberry cuttings so it will make it easier for me to just contact you when I cut the branches and then you can pay and I will ship. There are some rare/scarce varieties that I will not be taking cuttings yet since my grafts are too small.

Here's my list of mulberries grafted on my trees. But only the ones with X will be large enough to take cuttings and share.

Since my Thai Dwarf/World's Best and Red Himalayan, White Pakistan, Australian Green, Saharanpur Local have all fruited and most are half way done ripening I will start the advance order list for cuttings:

1. To be on this Advance Order -Waiting List, here's what you must meet.
2. TFF forum member for 1 year minimun (no exception)
3. Limit of 3 cuttings max of any variety I mention. No minimum
4. Shipping cost of $10.20 (USPS small flat rate), no pickup.
5. I am limiting the number of members on the list to 10 max. You can be on more than one variety list.
6. I will check your registration date to determine yrs of membership.
7. Any member with 10yrs or more gets the cuttings for free, but pays shipping cost of $10.20

I will not be reading this post here for request to be on this list, you must send me a message and when I acknowledge you are on it, then you are good to go. When the fruits are done, I will start going in priority order of this list.

The thai dwarf is ripening here.  My chickens eat them all though which is fine.  I got the other red himalayan setting fruit this year so I can compare the 2 himalayans.  Should be pretty soon. 

Brad, this is the year for your Red Himalayan cuttings on my trees. They are all holding lots of fruits now. Some are already ripening so I took some photos the other day, will post later tonight.

What is the other Himalayan variety you have? Do you know who the source is (nursery)?

WBM is fruiting like it's going out of style. The berries are about half ripe, so they'll need another couple of weeks before they're ready to go.

Last year it fruited just as much to the point that the tree was leaning, but true to what's known about WBM, the taste was pretty meh. Kinda bland if fully ripe, and mostly just tart if a little underripe.

I tried grafting some other varieties, but none of them took. Going to try again this year using chipbud and T grafting instead.

World's Best/Thai Dwarf is the same variety as far as I'm concerned since I grafted both on the same tree and everything looks identical, same fruit, same leaf shape, same ripening time.

You can graft any other mulberry variety on World's Best tree you have with no problem, don't waste your time bud grafting. Just use cleft graft which is easy on mulberry, remember to cut  scionwood surface perfectly flat. Most people have failed grafts because they don't do this. Also when you graft mulberry, since they are hard wood, you need to have the perfectly flat matching cambium surface and pressure on the graft union. I use the green grafting tape that streches (1/2" wide from Home Depot) and leave it on for at least 6 months so the graft union heals, then remove the green tape.

I had to cut back my Thai Dwarf last year since it just has too many fruits as you mention. I had to pick 2 lbs of fruit everyday to keep it from dropping all over my yard. Now I only need to pick 1 lb of fruits each day for the next 4 wks on this tree.

Here's a few photos of the World's Best/Thai Dwarf tree now.


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