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I have a few of these Cogshall mangos that is starting to blush, they are getting a lot of direct sun so I know that's part of the reason for the color blushing but was wondering if they are mature enough to pick and let ripen on the counter? Trying to beat the squirrels but don't want to pick too soon only to let it rot  :(

Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance   :)

Mine 1st time fruiting, yours look an inch smaller, ate 1 my landscalper knocked off smaller then yours, put in sun 2 weeks & was good!
I say not yet.
Anyone know average length they should be?

Agree. Starting to develop some shoulders, but stem looks pretty light still. I would wait a little longer.

...thinking about it a bit more, might pick it now if there are plenty more fruit on the tree. Seems far enough along to ripen well eventually, and would suck to lose it to critters. Might bag it if leaving on tree.


--- Quote from: puglvr1 on May 18, 2023, 03:39:23 PM ---Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance   :)

--- End quote ---
lol................   Yep...............  Feed the vermin some nice cornmeal patties:::

empty cottage cheese containers work well to keep water away while placed in yard,sheds, etc.
50% peanut butter with baking soda 50% if they don't want cornmeal today...


Thanks! Thinking about it but will wait a few more days, it does seem a bit green and I think will get more plump also. The weird thing is most years this mango isn't ready till mid June to mid July so it seems quite early this year...3 weeks or more earlier than before. Looking at pictures taken from years past I've never had mangoes ripen this early (mid May) before so this is way ahead than any other season 10-16 years of growing mangoes here Lol...

Palmcity thanks for the youtube link, Lol...not there yet. But the Video is interesting for people with rat problems!


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