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I ate one yesterday that softened after a week.  Picked it cause it was in danger of landscaper.
1st yr fruiting & i didn't love it.  Smaller one he knocked off a few weeks ago was better.

So now i'm wondering when is right time to pick them.
Should they be slightly soft before picking? 
Do they lose sweetness if left on too long?


Has your tree gotten a lot of water/rain recently? That'll washout the flavor (can't recall if it takes a few days or a few weeks after heavy watering for the brix to come back up).

Jake, yes much rain.  Taste might be right & it's not what i like.
Very acid.  Had to eat some frozen yogurt to cleanse my pallet.  Almost burned!
I know, taste before you plant.  Hopefully it'll improve after couple years or i'll learn to like it lol.

In the picture the stem is starting to turn brown.
Once the stem is brown the fruit doesn't get anything more from the tree.
It's very close. If you turn the mango sideways it will pop off when ready
Cogshall shouldn't be sour at all if picked properly. The times I tried
it the fruit is classic but is a mild tasting fruit. I wasn't impressed and didn't plant the tree

I tried taking a picture to show the shoulders.
They are definitely there but just not completely the stem like other classic mangos.
Sort of lumpy around the stem


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