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Finding Land in South FL

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How about Lehigh Acres?

There is still cheap land over that way....lots of it

You could probably find land that neighbors a lake or canal that would help with the occasional dip in the mercury

There are 1/2 acre lots on Pine island in flood x zones that go for about 45k. Clearing it will run you about $1600.


--- Quote from: Jaboticaba45 on May 30, 2023, 10:32:54 PM ---I'm actually very interested in Pine Island. Seems like an acre there goes for about 100k. My parents think it's a good place too also. Can always build later.
I'll report back in several months...maybe something can happen! Hope to stop by the island when I'll be down.

--- End quote ---

Try to find land on the island ridge. It's high enough to be out of the flood zone. Just look for zone X on any potential land purchase.


--- Quote from: Jordan321 on May 30, 2023, 09:31:36 AM ---For me, I like the idea of putting an RV on it

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I'm in Broward county. It's funny that this thread popped up today. I have an okay piece of property, but we were interested in getting a summer place somewhere closer to the beach where we can still grow coconuts where land is affordable. We were very interested in pine island. I'm afraid that what you are describing is not possible due to zoning. If you are going to spend the night on the property, it will have to be in a house built to florida building code. The same was true everywhere else I called.

Fruit Jungle:
Property in coastal Florida relative to inland has it's downfalls as well. Of course there is price, but hurricane decay means the wind speeds aren't nearly as great inland as they are closer to coast. This is a good site explaining it..

Considering the east coast of south Florida hasn't experienced a direct hit from a severe hurricane since Andrew in '92, and the next one could wipe out many east of I95, and the growing conditions are really only marginally better relative to inland, you couldn't pay me to buy land near the coast, I'll stick to the swampy inlands. Sure, I would have to spray fungicides to grow some mangos and it's not worth it, but almost every other fruit tree does just fine and I have 5 acres to play with.

As for flooding, elevation is less important than having a place to drain your property after a flood. For example, you can have an area with higher average elevation, but it will stay wet for two weeks because of proximity to a drainage canal, compared to another property that is lower in elevation but you have a 4 inch trash pump, site drainage plan, and an adjacent nearby drainage canal and you're dry in a two days.

You want to buy land in sfl? Focus on your finances, forget the "side hustle", chose a real career path (engineer, doctor, lawyer,etc) and prepare to make major sacrifices.

Option 2, if you can stomach leaving your tribe, I never could, is South or Central America.


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