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Finding Land in South FL

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Plenty of cheap land in south florida, just not anywhere ideal lol. I occasionally scout out of boredom. I say look further south than Lake Placid, everything southwest of Lake Okeechobee would be ideal.
You dont need to be near the sea to grow coconuts or really a body of water even. Main consideration should be an agricultural well that fits the size of land you plan to farm plus your budget.


Might not be a good option in the long-term : / they say the whole bottom third of the state will be affected by rising sea levels

Yes you could find land for that price but not sure of any zone 10A/B areas. A lot of the places with the cheapest land are in the middle of nowhere Florida zones 8 & 9. Not sure if you would drive or fly down but probably not within 90 minutes of any major airports.

Your best bet for subtropical area in Florida is Pine Island, that just got crushed by Hurricane Ian. It may be 50k or so an acre so maybe you could work something out.

Everybody is moving to Florida with cash. Not sure if you were planning to pay cash or not but land loans are very hard to get from banks. Interest rates would probably by over 10 percent now. 1/4 acre is too small to get a farming loan too.

A vacant lot with fruit trees? Yeah, I'm pretty sure you are going to have issues. All it takes is for 1 person to find it. You have heard of how many people have issues with thieves stealing fruit from yards right? It's not just a few ripe ones here and there. They strip the tree and sell the fruit sometimes breaking branches in the process. I wouldn't buy a lot unless you plan on physically being there 75% of the time. You'd need to have a well or be on city water to irrigate. I know some people get the idea that it rains a lot here and it does certain times of the year but we also have long dry spells too. Most trees need some help the first few years they are in the ground especially if they aren't native.

Ok, so thank you for the advice everyone.
I talked with my parents and we came to the conclusion that my 1/4 acre in the middle of Florida isn't a good idea lol. First off, I'm worried about frosts (couldn't do coconuts). and second, there is nothing to do within a 1.5 hour drive. lodging would be a pain too.
They'd rather buy a land themselves in a better location with things to do.
I'm eyeing Pine Island now. It's a beautiful place with a great microclimate too. Can grow basically whatever I want.
Now, the main problems are going to be my absence from the land if it ended up happening.
I was thinking of doing a salak hedge or something to keep intruders out.
And I thought I could just plant the trees and leave...but looks like they need to be watered regularly for the first few years.
I was hoping to just spam down a bunch of bananas and coconuts. Top tier fruits and coconuts are always producing. Coconuts seem like it's just plant and forget.
I guess the others may be tougher like mango. Also would have to plant away from the street too.
But still, if I'm only at the land 6 or so times max a year, something could always happen.
That's more than I thought I had to think about :P


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