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Mango allergies - home remedies?

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A friend of mine appears to be allergic to mango.  He got some sap on his arm and broke out in a rash.  Do you know a home remedy that may relieve the itchiness?

Urushiol is typically the allergen that causes the issue in mango. So, anything used for poison ivy should help. This is what worked the best for my mom (who is very allergic to mango sap). It is expensive, but the price is well worth it to end the misery.

It may be a mango allergy, or a sensitivity to milky sap, which is very common.  It is similar to a latex allergy.

I break out in a blistering rash any time ANY milky sap (mango, plumeria, gopher purge, hoya etc) gets on my skin.  It can spread past the initial point of contact too.

Over the counter steroid creams and oral antihistamines help.  If the rash spreads or gets blisters, he should go to the doctor.


Mango isn’t “just” an allergy. You can become allergic to it but its sap is highly caustic and burns through skin. I have scars from where I got some on my arm and over a few days it just slowly eats away at the skin

Wash with soap & water to remove as much as possible as soon as possible.
My favorite home remedy is pulled from the medicine cabinet: hydrocortisone 1%  cream or ointment and applied on affected area if no medical contraindications with your health.

Benadryl taken at maximum recommended dosages (may cause drowsiness) if no medical contraindications.

Don't wait to treat it. Vesicles can form if a severe allergic reaction and go to physician for stronger prescription medication. Also, stop scratching/rubbing as you may start to believe your skin is being slowly eaten away, especially if vesicles rupture and raw skin is scratched/rubbed....

On prescription many steroid oral products in dospaks 5 to 12 days different paks and is good to stop local and systemic spread. On prescription many stronger topical steroid products to rub on affected areas if only a local topical reaction.


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