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Mango allergies - home remedies?

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Thanks, shared the info from last night with my friend, he says thanks.

Mango sap is like slow and slightly less potent Alien xenomorph blood. That stuff will burn anyone, no allergy required.

A little known remedy for poison ivy irritation and rash is the juice of the garden plant, impatiens.

Because mango is related to poison ivy it would be useful to try to find some impatiens and give it a try.

The impatiens juice can often stop the itching and rash of poison ivy if applied soon after exposure and should help to relieve the symmptoms.

Of course it can also help a lot if as soon as you are aware that tyou have been exposed to wash the constact ares well with soap and water to get the oil off.  BUt it is still helpful after that to apply the impatiens juice.


Paul M.

I am now extremely allergic  to mango sap.  When I start breaking out, I take 2 fexofenadine (i.e. Allergra) and 1 cimetidine (i.e. Tagamet HB200).  With severe reactions, I would take this 2-3 times a day.  This is what the dermatologist prescribed to me when I was having severe breakouts and could not figure out what it was from.  Nothing else helped.  Turns out it was touching mango plants and fruits. :(

Thanks all.  I talked to my friend the other day and he is OK now.
The sap got him but he said he used aloe and it seemed to work for him.
Now I have to make sure that mango I send his way are well cleaned and sap free.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


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