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Foliar feeding mango trees - yay or nay?

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Mango horticulture newbie here.

I have a smallish mango tree with lime green leaves. Iím suspecting some sort of micronutrient deficiency. Unfortunately the tree had to be planted where the surrounding soil is a mixture of topsoil and clumps of clay (presumably from when my home was built). The tree is flowering but the flowers are small and the foliage doesnít look like that of any of my other mango trees.

Iím considering foliar feeding with seaweed extract (Maxicrop).

Experienced mango growers: Is foliar feeding legitimate, or pseudoscience? I have found scholarly articles and videos suggesting one or the other, and am confused. Do any of you have clear and verifiable experience in which foliar feeding made an obvious difference?

Also, for mango trees, is a surfactant necessary? Considering Hi yield non ionic surfactant / spreader sticker, but is this needed?

Any other thoughts or advice regarding foliar feeding are much appreciated. Bonus points if you can tell me exactly what is the issue with my little mango tree here.

See this link

There is a link to guidance on fertilizing mango linked in the post.

I don't think foliar feeding would be effective because there is no efficient way for the tree to take in the nutrients, since the leaves and stem aren't meant to take in nutrients the way roots do. if anything, it could be harmful to the leaves. to me it sounds like pseudoscience, but I have no experience in foliar feeding and not much in mangoes, take me with a grain of salt.


Seems more like macronutrient deficiency. Nitrogen may help if you want darker growth, but your tree is flowering well, and that's often the downside of adding nitrogen to trees in FL.

I do see what appears to be PM on the blooms, so there may be some spraying you could do to help with that.

For nitrogen you really don't need to apply to foliage, as it's soluble over a wider pH range than are many micronutrients.

I've foliar fed mangoes many times, but it's easy to apply too much. Your seaweed extract is probably fine, and is likely to supply Potassium which is a good thing.


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