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Brian's Pennsylvania Greenhouse and Tropical Fruit Trees

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Hey fruit lovers! I was able to visit our fellow long time forum member Brian in PA and see his impressive greenhouse set up. So many cool trees growing and many in the ground. I was especially impressed with his purple mangosteen growing in zone 6A.

Lots of special shout outs to other forum members in this video including:
Kevin Reimer
Kevin Jones
Frank Lazar
Ryan Jo
Kameron Bellamy

Thanks again Brian for opening up your amazing greenhouse for a visit!


Brian in PA

Fern leaf guava

CORTG graft

Cute quail running around in the greenhouse

Purple mangosteen in ground in Pennsylvania

Sir Graftalot:
Watched the video within hours of your posting. Awesome video as always VFG; very inspirational stuff Brian!

Wow, impressive, brian! Thanks for the video, eyeckr!

Looks amazing Brian.


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