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Year-round Mamey Sapote

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Iíd like to grow excellent mamey year-round. I have:
Pace. Mar-Apr
Cepeda and Akil Especial. Apr-Jun
Pantin and Lorito. Jul-Aug
Viejo. Dec
Jamaica coming soon from Julian Lara. Winter

The biggest gap is Sept-Nov, though we still get Pantin in September. Abuelo is listed in
as an excellent flavored fruit bearing from Oct-Nov. They list the source of the cultivar as Bienvenido, Suarez (Acosta). I havenít heard of it anywhere else and donít have a source of scionwood.
Lara is listed as Sept-Nov and especially excellent quality. I notice Julian doesnít list it on his online store. But perhaps he has a tree?
Does anyone have any information on Lara or Abuelo mamey?

Thanks!  Steph

Julian is selling Lara mamey trees. Check his website under 1 gallon mameys and it is currently in stock.

Hello. In S. Florida I am growing
Pace- spring (Apr-May)
Lorito- summer (May- Jul)
And I just got one from Julian that is called Jamaica it's supposed to be a winter time fruit.
Not sure when these would ripen in HI. Julian @ Lara farms has provided me with all the trees/info

Thanks Tropicalgrower89,
Youíre right. Iíd swear that it wasnít there before but thanks, Iíll get that one.

Thanks Pineflatwoods,
The mamey have the same seasons for us here at low elevation in Hawaii as you have in Florida. Iíll see if the season shifts at 1350í where Iíve just planted two of each variety I have.

Yes, I have the Jamaica on order from Julian.


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