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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Dragon Fruit thread.
« on: May 26, 2019, 04:42:38 PM »
Any DF grower here from AZ?

I received 4 purple DF variety cuttings from a coworker 6 weeks ago, all of them have since sprouted new branches. Right now they are receiving about 6 to 7 hours of full sun, with shade after 2pm. I water about every 2 or 3 days. I am wondering with summer fast approaching, how should I care for them? When it hits 110F, should I bring them indoor, or just leave them in ourdoor shade until fall?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Dragon fruit plant in pot
« on: May 21, 2019, 01:54:03 PM »
Hi all! Any suggestions on where to get a good 7 or 10 gallon plastic pot for this system? All planter pots on Home Depot/Lowes don't seem to be tall enough to allow deep insertion of the EMT pipes.

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