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Citrus General Discussion / Xie Shan grafted on satsuma and clementine tree
« on: November 21, 2023, 11:27:05 PM »

The first pic shows the fruits of Xie Shan grafted on a young satsuma tree.   The fruits on this tree have slightly tough ceil and slightly dry if compared with the ones on Clementine tree.   Their sizes and appearances also varied a lot.   

The second pic shows the fruits of Xie Shan grafted on a 10 years old clementine tree.  The quality of fruits is much better, with much uniform size and appearance.  They both ripe at about the same time, with slightly clean taste when compared with an old satsuma tree.


Remembered Millet mentioned that there is not much difference between a grafted Meyer and a rooted cutting.  I noticed those Meyer lemon plants sold at HD look like rooted cutting (with no graft union)
Since Meyer is easy to root, will it be a good rootstock?  I have a few of cuttings rooted in last year which I am thinking to graft some buds on them.
Do you know or had experience of using Mayer lemon as rootstocks?
1, Plants can grow vigorously
2, Fruit bearing and taste
3, Disease resistance

Citrus General Discussion / Is this a Sumo fruit?
« on: October 30, 2021, 07:03:57 PM »
Is this a Sumo fruit?  Note that it does not have the typical little neck Sumo Fruits usually have.

I grafted the CCPP's bud to a Gold Nugget tree in last summer.   It grow into a small branch and produced 5 fruits in this year.   They are all the same size, pretty much a Washington orange size now.   What puzzled me is that none of them have the typical Sumo neck.

Do you Sumo fruits like this?

Citrus General Discussion / Seeds from Orri Orange germinated
« on: June 29, 2021, 06:24:22 PM »
Last month, I bought about 10 Orri oranges and found 4-5 very small seeds.
After one ~month in pot, I found two of them germinated as the two photos below.   Hopefully, they can grow into trees.   So, we will see:
1, How many years will they grow into a reasonable size tree?
2, Will they bear the same fruits (like Orri), or something else?
3, I may try to graft them to a mature tree to see if it can be accelerated. 


Will this bud grow a new flush?  It looks still alive but no clear indication of new flushes.   It had one in early spring which dried out.

Today, I found 4-5 citrus leafminer damaged leaves, not many.   Can I cut them? 

 The trees have most fully developed leaves, with a few of new growths.   If not many new leaves get CLM, can I continue monitoring and cutting?   I will also use insecticidal soap to spay on the new growths.

Citrus General Discussion / Tasted Orri today
« on: May 04, 2021, 02:36:39 PM »
Today, I tasted an Orri orange bought from a local supermarket.

It has a very sweet (Sweeter than gold nugget or Sumo I had, much sweeter than Satsuma)and clean taste, with a slightly hint of sour, and very good flavor.  Peeling is easy.   The inside is easy to separate with tender texture with no residual.  It does not have the bitter or spice taste someone may prefer.

Overall, I would prefer Orri over Sumo.       

One of my two 8 year clementine trees gives a good set of nice fruits this year.   The other tree had flowers but no fruits.

Some years they had flowers but beard nothing or not even had flowers.
One year both had fruits with the seeds like pumelo seeds (both shape and size)
Whenever it get cross pollinated with other citrus, the fruits has the flavor of that citrus
One year they had seedless fruits but the ring is bumpy   

This years fruits:
The fruits are similar size as or slight smaller than satsuma and slightly sweeter than satsuma. 0 seeds were found in about 10 fruits tried.
It also has a richer taste/flavor than Satsuma which most people would like, not zing or tangy.
They have a thin and tight smooth ring but still easy to peel。 

Overall: They can produce nice fruits but it is a tree very hard to manage.


Citrus General Discussion / What variety is this Satsuma
« on: November 27, 2020, 02:23:37 PM »
I have a 8-9 year Satsuma tree which produces good fruit but I lost the original label from Homedepot.   By looking at the fruit, would you be able to tell what variety it is?   The common variety from HD is Owari frost. We know Okishu and seto are both flat.

The fruits are very flat but I remembered in early years they are more round.

The fruits just turned yellow and some of them start to be soft.   They taste reasonable sweet with some sour remaining. In the very early years, the fruits tasted very plain, then gradually get better in late years.


just noticed a lot of clementine leaves are turning yellow.  Looked web and found deficiencies of Zinc, Iron, Manganese, or Magnesium can cause yellowing.  But it is hard to pin down which one.

How do you see it?.   
And where to buy these stuffs?   I still have some Epsom.

I just found that grafting on a fast growing branch or a new branch has a high take-rate than the old branches.   Now the questions are:

1, How old/young a branch can be used as rootstock?  The younger ones may have high take-rate, but also east to be damaged.  How about a 3 month old branch which is firm but still in triangle shape?
2, How old or young a scion bud can be used?  The younger ones have high take-rate, but also are easy to be damaged, such as those on the triangle branch sticks.

Citrus General Discussion / alternative bearing and late ripe/late pickup
« on: September 08, 2020, 05:24:03 PM »
For citrus alternative bearing, does late ripe fruit/late pick up affect the alternative bearing?

For example, GN fruits are usually ripe between March to May/Jun.   Unfortunately, it is the same period of blooming.

Will the fruits still remaining on the tree limit the spring blooming so cause alternative bearing?   If so, the fruits can be picked up earlier but they would not taste sweet .

Has anyone had chance to evaluate  Kiyomi Tangor?  It is one of parents of Sumo.

It was one of the popular ones in Japan, but less than Sumo.   It is less easily peeled, no seeds, probably not as sweet as Sumo.

Citrus General Discussion / clemenules vs clementine
« on: September 03, 2020, 01:37:33 AM »
Today, I bought a bag of clemenules from Chile at Costco.   They slightly bigger than Clementines from my yard tree.  Easy peel with no seeds. Similar taste but slightly tougher segment skin.  It is reasonably sweet, but the flavor is no better than clementine from may yard.

Overall, I would prefer clementine except the clemenules are slightly bigger.  So I will drop the plan to graft clemenules to my yard clementine tree.

Anyone had chance to evaluate US Superna  88-2 (USDA 88-2)? CCPP has bud wood available.

CCPP info: seedless under all conditions, low probability of causing seeds in other mandarins, early season maturity (November), high brix (13% in November, 15-16% in late December) and very rich, distinctive flavor, pale rind color, mean fruit size 24, round shape (not flattened) with tendency toward a blossom end nipple. Moderately easy to peel. Good holding ability on tree through February. Moderate production with tendency to alternate bear.

 If I already have Frost and Okitsu satsuma, should I take a Xie Shan Satsuma tree or Miho Satsuma ?

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