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Elder berry

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Had a beautiful little plant in ground for a few years now it flowers but no fruit.

Does it need to be cross pollinated?

Anyone ever use the flowers to make a drink? I heard you can do this but mine don't taste sweet at all.
Any info and especially experiences on elder berry I would love to hear:)

I got tired of mine and cut them all down. Some times, at certain points during the day they had a nice tropical aroma but most of them they had no smell at all. The berries tasted like medicine. I think the ones with the best flavor (and flowers that smell good all the time) are the European, Sambucus nigra. Most of the people around here that like them tend to mix them with other summer berries. You might want to check to make sure the species you're growing is edible, a few of them are not. I do not think they need cross pollination.

Sambucus nigra aka elderberry ("baza čierna" in slovak language)  is very invasive plant here, but we do not eat the fruits in my area, the only thing we use are flowers, we brew a syrup from fresh flowers, it is great syrup, very aromatic syrup, I like it. Drink it diluted with water. Here is one recipe.:

in Serbia as well as in Slovakia. it's everywhere, growing wild
We use flowers to create very fine drink(syrup), but here from the fruits made also syrup
I can found the recipe if anyone is interested :)
I've heard that it can make a rakija (brandy) from the fruits

Recipes welcome:)
I originally got my elder berry cauz the syrup sounded delicious and meant to be a history of medical use for colds and flu. Preliminary studies on small scale look promising too.


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