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Elder berry

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The disease spends part of its life cycle living in Elderberry - like the way Cedar Apple Rust lives part its life in Cedar Trees (Junipers) and then part of its life in Apples. If you could remove all the junipers from your area, you could possibly remove the disease too. Most table grapes are highly sensitive to Pierce's disease which is why hardly anyone commercially grows table grapes in the Southeast. I believe the southern regions west of the Rocky Mountains do not have Pierces disease.

The hill country of Texas (central) goes quite a few grapes and I'm pretty sure Pierce's disease is prevalent there.  Of course it is mostly the resistant varieties.

So are Elderberries adversely affect by it or is it more like figs and FMV, there but doesn't do much harm?

I don't believe it does any damage to Elderberries. Around here if your table grapes die over the winter (like the hard winter we are having now) the grape experts say they died of Pierce's disease. The disease evidently weakens them through the summer and then they die during the winter.


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