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Viking Guy:
Sorry, no pics, but wait, there's more.  Don't leave yet!

Long ago before the time of digital cameras in our pockets, there was this bush growing near Wrights Ferry Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN.

Every year it produced giant round fruit that looked like Breadfruit.  I have no clue whether or not it was edible and never tried one.  However, the local hillbillies gave it assorted names like "the pineapple tree," "hillbilly handgrenade fruit," "prickly pawpaw," etc.

It is obviously not breadfruit since the leaves were small and they get snow there.  It is obviously cold tolerant.

The bush was cut down many years ago.  Wasn't any more than 8' height.

Really wish I knew what it was.  I only have childhood memories of it.

Maclura pomifera

Viking Guy:

--- Quote from: Bob407 on March 31, 2015, 02:19:07 PM ---Maclura pomifera

--- End quote ---


That is it. 

Thank you.  Hedge apple it seems.

Always had a weird smell.  Not sure they are edible.  I will have to read up on them when I get time.


Viking Guy:
Lots of interesting reads on these.  Bow and arrow wood; insect repellent; softball substitute; a cure for cancer..  lol

Don't think I'll grow one, but at least my curiosity is appeased.

One guy said it best:

"I think these big, impressive fruits are so appealing that people believe they must be good for something. ... I think its just hard for people to accept the notion that something so cool and abundant is useless ... The desire for Osage oranges to be useful outweighs the evidence.


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