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Container peach and nectarine.

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Anybody growing them? All I get every year is leaves, leaves, and more leaves. Barely any flowers, and no fruits. And these are the kind marketed as "ideal for container growing".

What varieties? Pics might help.

I have a Dave Wilson multigraft and a Tropic Snow, both are in pots. I've had the multigraft 3 yrs and it has about 2 dozen fruits (all 5 varieties are fruiting this year for the first time).  The Tropic Snow has about a dozen fruits and I've had it 2 years.  So young trees, but they look like they are going to be fine in pots, may go to ground this year, have to wait and see.
If you are not hitting the chill hours for the variety, you won't get fruit.

The rootstock also plays a role in chill hours requirements.

I have a necta zee nectarine and a honey babe peach.  They grow well in pots and remain very dwarf for me.  They are not terribly productive.  I also notice that there are certain pest that eat the young fruit when they are gravel sized which might be ur problem.  I dont care for them too much so i dont care if the insects have some of peaches


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