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What's wrong with my fig tree?


My fig tree lost its leaves and hasn't grown them back yet. The ends of the branches (the buds) are brown and not green. However, the branches are not brittle and are a tad flexible.

It was replanted after this browning/de-leafing occurred into it's current container (has drainage), with organic potting mix and a tiny bit of organic fertilizer. When I replanted it, I don't know what nematodes on the roots would look like, but the root ball looked okay and the roots themselves normal.

It receives direct west exposure on our balcony for a few hours.

Why won't it come back? Suggestions?

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Are you sure you haven't over-watered?
Fig trees are very tough but they can't stand water stagnation.
Check drainage!

Viking Guy:
Figs will do this when over fertilized as well as when suffering root stress from breaks or rot.

I'd put in non fertilized mix, and inspect the root ball.  Make sure it is not broken (fallen from wind, etc), or rotting from too much water.

I saw this happen, in an orchard, when the roots were disturbed by a tractor, and on a patio, when roots growing through the bottom of a pot were severed.

Unfortunately, I don't know of a quick fix, right now, but other people might wait for dormancy, before transplanting.

Roots seem to feed different stems, on shrubbier forms, imho. I feel as though some stems suffered, but others did not.

I have tried to propagate figs, using only the nicest and most beautiful wood. It will always die, above the ground. But, several suckers will replace each stem, from underneath. If you have this disturbed plant, under ideal conditions, more sprouts may eventually find their way to the top, but I would expect the portions, which have gone into shock, will become brittle, if I think of this as one big fig cutting.


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