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In Australia we have Purple Congo and Walhalla, both full blue purple kidney types. I am also growing Purple Bliss which is a newer version of above.  Also growing in containers but the shoots seem a bit tall and leggy.

Anyone have advice for growing S. tuberosa (potato) in a wet tropical climate?

I love the Peruvian Amarillo, very small yellow potatoes what are just super fluffy!

I haven't seen Peruvian Amarillo for a while, maybe 5 years. Is it still available up there ?

Do you have much of a winter dry season where you are Cassowary ? Maybe growing in containers ?


Nemah potato is a papa amarilla type and my favorite potato to grow.  I've trialed dozens of varieties and this has been the best grower for me in containers as well as being my favorite for taste and cooking.   Potatoes are small and have a great texture, unlike any other potato I've tried.  They are so good fried whole with salt and the skin on them are great even boiled.

Not sure how they will do in your growing conditions, but they are quick to form tubers and right now they are the only ones growing during my cold wet winter in ground in Fallbrook.  I usually grow them in 10 gallon fabric pots in my home garden in Laguna Beach.

These potatoes are one of my favorite food plants to grow and will always be in my garden.

I plant from tubers but you can order seeds directly from the breeder here. 



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