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Multi-graft persimmon tree.

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Hello, has anyone successfully graft hachiya on to fuyu persimmon tree?

I'm sure you can. I don't care for the astringent (soft ripe) fruits so I only have multi-grafted non-astringent persimmons on my trees. I haven't found any variety that is not compatible yet. Here's what I have grafted on Giant Fuyu , Matsumoto, and Hayakume trees.

1   Chocolate
2   Coffee Cake
3   Fuyu
4   Great Wall
5   Hayakume
6   Izu
7   Jiro
8   Kurokuma
9   Maru
10   Matsumoto
11   Saijo
12   Suruga

Thank you.  I tried grafting hachiya onto my fuyu in February, but failed. 

What month would be best to graft persimmon?  Any method recommendation?

Among 12 varieties you grow, can you please tell me your two most favorites?

I only fertilized my fuyu once in late March.  Can I fertilize it once more?  I learned that it will drop fruits if over fertilized with nitrogen.

Try grafting again now. Persimmons are not that easy to graft always, so you need to do many grafts and a few make take. Most people like to graft before the buds start to open up on the rootstock in spring. I graft from Jan-Sept. I'm grafting some now as well.

I couldn't tell you my favorits, I have only tasted the fuyu, giant fuyu, hayakume, matsumoto, and jiro so far. When the new grafts have fruits next year I will let you know which ones are my favorite.

You can use any grafting method, I just use the cleft graft. Since its hot, you must cover the grafted scion with sun protection (aluminum foil, paper bag) or if the rootstock is in a pot, move into full shade until the graft grows out.

I will try grafting some now like you suggested.

 Will the scions need to be prepared more like cherimoya scions(ridding off all leaves and wait for the buds to swollen)?

What is your fertilizing schedules for a matured fruitting persimmon tree?

Would be nice to hear an update on your favorite varieties this fall..

Thank you


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