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Lab Lab / Hyacinth beans any recipes ??


A couple of seed sellers have some really interesting large types of Lab Lab / Hyacinth beans, i.e. very large flat green beans ( some green types, some purple types ).
Just wondering how these might be used ? Maybe like snow peas ?
Any good suggestions ?


Vegan Potato Man:
They need to be cooked very well and according to your wiki link have the boil water changed.

Anyway there is a dish called ful medames, usually made with fava bean that might work.

I haven't tasted lablab myself, full disclosure.


Thanks for that.
You should try Ful Medames with Fava beans, particularly made with the small dry Fava beans.
If You like Hummus and Babaganoush etc, it is on par with those with a unique flavour.
Haven't made it for a while, but it was a favourite, ( "and a nice Chianti" !!!! ).
I first tried it at a Vegan restaurant.
Not sure I would try the dry Lab Lab beans, but might be missing something ? Might be great in the right recipes
Was more wondering about the garden grown green beans, are they particularly good for certain dishes ?
Some of the green beans seed vars available are much bigger than in the attached pic.


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