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Looking for Eugenia sp Pitanguinha - Cereja do Rio Paranaiba

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Anyone have a seedling for sale or trade? Noticed this one on ebay and I'm a sucker for dwarf plants lol. Figured I'd try here b4 I start the ebay headache lol.

This one? IIRC there's two named after Rio Parnaiba. I believe the other one has narrow leaves.

No I was lookin hard on bellamy lol (they posted the plant on ebay). The one I'm looking for stays small, the one with the narrow leaves is the one I'm after . I think anderson tropicals sold some seeds I'm hoping someone bought to many and has an extra plant lol.

Giant Gecko:
Hey Bill, I wish I had a spare plant but Iím down to one. I bought the seeds the first time it was imported in the USA by Farwell Fruit Farm with little information about it. It really is a cool looking dwarf Myrtaceae that Iím a sucker for too. Hopefully someone here, Bellamy or Steve Anderson will have an extra for you. Here is a picture of mine I took yesterday.

O wow! I didnt even know the new growth was so awsome on these there really arnt to many pictures anywhere. Thanks for making me want it even more now hahaha. How old is your plant?


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