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Looking for taste review of the fruit...also size of the tree, and potential in lowland subtropics.

Also interested in reports on sarawakensis (pingan), anisophyllus (mentawak)


Seeds of Passifloa edulis var. "Purple Possum" available.

24 seeds for $12 plus shipping.

PM me if interested.

Cookie Monster posted the following in a recent thread:  You can get a soil test from Spectrum Analytics for $14 (the S3 ag test). They use the same extraction method as UF, which is adequate for calcareous soils. Results are delivered elctronicall within 24 hours of receipt, and you can get fertilizer recommendations for a specific crop (eg, mango).

Jeff, can you walk us through exactly what type of tests/reports you thought were helpful.  Does one have to order the soil "bag" that holds the sample or just send in a ziploc bag?  Thanks!

My Bradenton loquat tree has fruited late this season due to wet weather during it's initial bloom.  They are mostly sweet with a little tart...I love'em.

Anyway, I have seeds available for $1 each, or 12 seeds for $10.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / FOR SALE: Ice Cream Bean seeds
« on: April 28, 2016, 02:03:27 PM »
Seeds are from fruit grown here in Florida and believed by some to be Inga vera.  Seeds are fresh and cost $1 each.  PM me if interested.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Scions for sale
« on: April 28, 2016, 11:33:13 AM »
Selling scions of the following:

Big Jim

Maha chanok
Coconut Cream
Excalibur (limited)
Sweet Tart (limited)
Peach Cobbler (limited)
Bombay (limited)
Edgar (limited)
Providence (limited)
Sunrise (limited)
Honey Kiss (limited)
Keitt (limited)

Oro Negro

Kari (limited)
Fwang Tung
Sri Kembangen

Australian Green
Dwarf Everbearing

Grimal (limited)
Hybrid Red Jaboticaba

Red cattley ("strawberry" guava)
Thai Green

Silas Woods

Sri Chompoo
Nam Phet (limited)

Citrus: (can't be shipped outside Florida)
Thornless Key Lime
Red Lime
Persian Lime
Sambokan Lemon
Honey Murcott
Australian Finger Lime (Green)
Australian Finger Lime (Red)
King mandarin
Temple (limited)
Shiranui/Dekopon (limited)

Barbados Cherry
Fairchild #2 canistel
"Miami" Soursop
"Giant" Soursop from Dreamfrutas
Seedling Soursop (from mature tree)
Yellow Cacao (PIN)
Black Sapote (mature)
Grumichama (limited)
Purple Caimito/Star Apple
Strawberry Tree/Jamaican Cherry (Muntingia)
Dream Atemoya

All scions are $4 each.  No minimum per variety--only a minimum total ($24).  They will be wrapped in buddy tape.  PM me if interested.


A google search didn't yield much and the searches that came up on the forum were mostly for people looking for Annona hypoglauca.  What is the fruit like?


I have 4 Ice Cream bean (Inga sp.) seedlings that were planted last April from Treesnmore.  $18 each.  PM me if interested.

No international shipping--(not sure they'd make it alive)--Sorry

So, I had a rat problem earlier this year and they were eating much of the papaya and other stuff that eludes me at the moment, they ate half of the lone barbados cherries that were on my tree and I was praying for a neighbor's cat to take up residence in the yard at night. 

Lo and behold, it worked...well, kind of.  So I saw this cat laying under the shade of the my trees in various spots around the yard...the rodent problem wasn't noticeable, though being winter in a yard with young trees, that may have just been coincidence  :-\  Anyway, when I would come near it, the cat would run away and it appeared to have a red collar on.

Flash forward to the last few weeks...the entire house was overrun by fleas...having 2 small kids and leaning toward natural treatments, we put diatomaceous earth all over the house so it looked like the final scene from Scarface  :o  So, I realized after being hit over the head several hundred times, that the fleas were coming from the yard.  :-[ :(

Then, when watching the cat more closely as he ran away, I noticed that the red/pink collar was actually raw skin from where it had been scratching.  Apparently it is a feral cat that is squatting on my property I attempted to call animal control and was told, if you catch the cat, we will pick it up.  WTF!  >:(  Are you kidding me, Broward County???!!!  If I catch the damned thing,  won't need to call you, understand  ;)

So now a few questions:
1.  What do you recommend to get rid of the cat?
2.  What can I use that won't harm the kids/fruit trees that will prevent my yard from being flea heaven as it currently is?
3.  Did you find it entertaining reading this since it isn't a problem in your yard?  ;D

Seriously, though.  Any help would be great.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / FOR SALE: red jaboticaba seeds
« on: April 13, 2016, 11:52:54 AM »
$2 per seed.  $10 minimum order plus shipping
Seeds are fresh from fruit I am eating as I type.

Looking for imbe seedlings to graft onto.  I saw a couple on ebay, but wanted to see if anyone has them here first...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mammea americana cultivars
« on: April 10, 2016, 02:50:35 PM »
Wondering what info you have on specific mammee apple cultivars.  I know that many on here have never tasted one, so looking for help from the mammea-eating experts.  I am considering grafting onto a seedling, but not sure which budwood would be best to get.


I am wondering if anyone else plans on ordering Limoncllo scions (Mexican Garcinia) from Raul.  Looking to split the shipping since it is pretty steep.

PM me if interested.

I was trying to find an old thread about this topic, but was unsuccessful so I thought I'd start anew.

Manzano banana
Strawberry guava
Tropic Beauty Peach
Bradenton loquat
Surinam Cherry (either Zill Dark or Maczerzak (sp?)--forget which is which--d'oh!)
Pickering Mango
Lemon Zest Mango
Red Lime
Sunshine Blue Blueberries
Dwarf Everbearing mulberry
Unknown fig
Pigeon Peas/Gandules/Pwa Congo

Yellow Jaboticaba
UF Sun Peach
Nam Phet Longan
Biew Kiew Longan
Burgundy Bunch Grape
Eugenia reinwardtiana (Australian Beach Cherry)
Wurtz Avocado
Day Avocado
Amber Jackfruit (male only)
Citrus--Temple, Shiranui, Page, Dancy
Fairchild #2 Canistel
Lots of store-bought pineapples
Na Dai Sugar Apple
Sri Kembangen Carambola/Starfruit
Mysore Raspberry
Barbados Cherry/Acerola

Most of my trees are still too young to let hold, or to be of any real significance, but I love hearing/documenting what flowers/fruits at what time of year. 

I have Sri Chompoo, Illiao (Illian), Biew Kiew, and Nam Phet.  All are too small to let hold any fruit.

Of these, Biew Kiew has a lot of bloom spikes.  Nam Phet has only 1 or 2 bloom spikes.  The others are just growing vegetatively, which is better for me atm since they are so young/small.

Surinam Cherry seeds available.  12 seeds for $10 plus shipping.

Send PM if interested

I am new to the citrus game and it isn't as easy to sample all the varieties here, like I can with mangoes.  Which would you consider top-tier, and which (if any) do you think aren't worth growing. 

Xie Shan?
Sugar belle?
Owari Satsuma?
Fina Sodea?


I am a grafting newbie and have only just started to have some success.  I love using buddy tape to prevent from bagging the scions...and I love how you can see it pushing without unwrapping.  The problem is that I am a little clumsy and it is difficult to wrap the union tight enough, especially with buddy tape.  I got some green tape from Adam a while back and it seemed to work well, but I would prefer something that will hold the tightness initially while I try to neaten up the rest of the wrap. 

My thinking is that black electrical tape would work well for the union part and then I could use buddy tape to wrap the scion to prevent water getting in/scion from drying out.

Is this a bad idea?


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB: Eugenia repanda
« on: March 08, 2016, 12:18:25 PM »
Looking for Eugenia repanda seeds (or seedlings if located in USA).  PM me if you have some.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Painter's Red Wax Jambu
« on: February 23, 2016, 02:04:00 PM »
In another post, I read that Wayne Clifton is propagating (?) a wax jambu called Painter's Red.  Based on the reports of Dream atemoya and Red's Dumpster Carambola, I am interested in hearing reports about this variety.  I have never had a wax jambu that I would consider to be worthy of tasting a 2nd time--too bland.  But, I have been on the hunt for a tasty variety so this may fit the bill.    Has anyone tasted Painter's Red?

A Costa Rican Fruit Fest is being planned for September, centering around durian harvest.  Website, dates/times, etc are still being worked out.  Just saw it on my FB page and thought I'd pass it along.  Supposedly it will be held on the Caribbean coast so maybe Peter can chime in...

I am not planning to go myself, but since others seem to be posting about planning fruit trips, I thought it may help some of you out.

So, obviously there are a TON of jackfruit trees in Florida, so A. heterophyllus is already accounted for.  I know a few members are growing A. atilis and/or A. camansi.

I am growing jackfruit and marang atm.  I planted a lakoocha tree at my job.  Also considering breadfruit and kwai muk. 

Florida growers, what artocarpus species are you growing? 

June 25th 9am to 12pm

This is a great way to sample tons of varieties that are hard to find.  Well worth the price of admission!

Mango Mania, June 25, 9am to 12pm, Fee: $40, Instructor: TBA. Everything about mangos! Learn how to grow & propagate them, insects & disease control and varieties. Last year we exhibited 250 mango varieties. Sample a large selection of rare mangos.

Reservations Required
Class dates and times may be subject to change. Please check ahead!
Fruit and Spice Park
24801 SW 187th Ave.
Homestead,  FL  33031

edited to add info

I was just talking with a forum member about a tree at the f & s park that appears to have miniature canistel fruit that is ripe.  The tree in question is between the campomanesias and the jaboticabas, on the south side of the Americas greenhouse.  The fruit were the size of a hog plum (spondia) and fully yellow.  They were approximately 2.5" long by 1.5" wide.  The fruit were yellow and flesh ripened like normal.  The only real difference is that the fruit were smaller.  The seeds were smaller than normal (of course) and pointy at both ends. The tree was approximately 15 ft tall.

Has anyone seen this tree before, especially in past years?  I am wondering if it is a different variety or if it was just due to some climatic conditions.  I did save the seeds from these fruits, so pm me if interested.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / FOR SALE: canistel seeds
« on: January 19, 2016, 12:27:42 PM »
Have a small amount of canistel seeds from fruit collected locally.  5 seeds for $10.  PM me if interested

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