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I'm about to order persimmon scions. Threefold Farm, you know 'em?


As stated, I'm about to order persimmon scions. These folks seem to have the Sestronka variety I want. Has anybody here used them before?

Ok. So the scions came in. I got them grafted on this weekend. I paid for five of each cultivar and got six.  Six "Sestronka and  six "Journey" scions all grafted on American persimmon rootstock i.e.the same tree. Sestronka had a "corky" core.  I have never seen that on a scion before. Journeys looked much more green than the Sestronkas. I'm hoping for the best. This is my second time trying to graft persimmons. First time was a complete failure due to cutting the scuons at yhe wrong time and probably grafting at the wrong time. I really want to try that Sestronka.
Threefold seems to be a winner. I will update on whether the scions take, push and  survive.


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