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Best Haskap/honeyberry varieties?


Has anyone tried Japanese honeyberry/haskap varieties? I Have several haskaps from the university of Saskatchewan breeding program(tundra, aurora, boreal etc). I was wondering if anyone has tried Japanese cultivars specifically the Blue series. Has anyone tried these? Im wondering if they are worth getting.

I have zero experience with honeyberry but i just bought 2 plants. I wanted to pick two sweet varieties and based on my research and availability i decided on aurora and zojka.
In particular as far as my research goes aurora is one of the most appreciated varieties but i never tested it myself.

I bought some honeyberries for trial in FL from HoneyberriesUSA. Their site lists a ton of varieties including those you mentioned and gives a berry flavor and wine profile in addition to other cultivar info.


I find it pretty funny that I someone in Florida wants to try to grow fruit from northern Canada, while I spent years designing a greenhouse to grow what you can do in your backward with ease.

Let me know how it goes. Ill give updates this year if I get a good crop.

I like Blue Pagoda and Indigo.
I used to have a bunch of these before we switched to raised beds. Make sure you have a lot of space, they do get big.
If you want to see a huge selection and read about their flavor profiles, check out the One Green World catalogue.
There are early blooming and late blooming varieties, so you can pretty much have fruit for months. I would put them in muffins and people wouldn't believe they weren't blueberries.



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