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Is desired Boron range discussed here only for orange sherbet?
I think a better question might be. Is this mostly an issue for South Florida.

University of Florida
 Gardening Solutions
Working in Your Florida Soil
A cross-section of Florida soil
Good, nutritious soil is the basis for any plant's success. To the frustration of many gardeners, Florida's "soil" is mostly sand.

This gray, fine soil is called Myakka, (pronounced My-yakah), an Indian word for "big waters." Only found in Florida, Myakka covers the majority of the state—more than 1½ million acres—and is actually our official state soil.

While the majority of the state is covered in Myakka, soil properties can vary widely. The soils of North and Central Florida are typically very sandy, while in the panhandle, the soil can contain substantial amounts of clay. Clay soils compact more easily and drain slower than sandy soils.

Meanwhile, down south in the Everglades, soils tend to be peat-based and extremely fertile. If you live in this area, you may not need to amend your soil. Finally, in extreme South Florida, soils are often shallow and have a high pH due to the influence of the limestone bedrock

Do you have anything positive to offer this forum fishy, or are you just here to troll?
Peace, brother.  Happy Thanksgiving!
Ugly Betty
Happy Thanksgiving to all

That is a great idea John. Exciting to think forward to mango season and meeting up. Overdue to visit Satya as well, hopefully he is around when the time is right.
"When the time is right" and the mangos are ripe!
Hopefully in the third week of June. For I will be staying in Deerfield Beach for that week. If I remember right Alex said that was the peak of last season. The second week of June was very good to me last season because of acquaintances and friends like Truly tropical Chris and Alex🙂
It would be way cool if everyone would bring a Seedling of a variety for others to try.

Shall I start off with Zill white guava?
Or Valencia Pride mango juice?
My wife says I may be from Missouri but I boast more than a Bayesian from Barbados
Safe travels and happy holidays :)

Bovine, Brad has a cherimoya tasting on December 4, if you do end up visiting Corona or Palm Springs, maybe you can stop by.

I would really enjoy that but my reservations are for Christmas holiday week
Vacation Summary
Bluegreen Club 36™
372 East Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89169
(702) 856-2900

Date: December 19, 2021
Time: 4:00 p.m.

Date: December 26, 2021
Time: 10:00 a.m.

Tonight's Sunset Panama City Beach Florida

if I have extra cherimoyas in december Ill send some to palm springs if you cordinate with me.
Now there's an offer you can't refuse!  How awesome of Brad!
Yes! That is a very generous offer and much appreciated.  I am actually staying in Vegas where my daughter lives and want making a day trip by going through the Joshua Tree Forest to visit Palm Springs. My itinerary is very much in flux so logistically that probably would not work out. My brother wants me to come to Corona which might not happen. But thanks anyway for the very generous offer. :)

Sprouts had USA grown cherimoya for $6.99 last week.
USA grown cherimoya is probably from the Santa Barbara area, & not hot-water treated.
Chilean grown cherimoya are still good, but since they're hot-water treated, not the best representation.
So I'd still give Sprouts in La Quinta and Whole Foods in Palm Desert a shot.  Whatta ya got to lose?  Wealthy folks in that area who I'm sure appreciate exotic gourmet items.  Call in advance.
John51 to answer your question I have family members in Nevada Arizona and California. And they've pretty much love me hate me because I'm always sending videos of afternoon downpours. And ask the question of them. Do you know what this is when's the last time you saw this. If that wasn't enough I flood them with photos of my overabundance of tropical fruit. I will be in that area to visit the grandbaby. I will probably visit a palm date farm as you suggested.

Going to be in Palm Springs California area during the December holiday. I've never had cherimoya. Can I go to the grocery store and buy one and expect it to be at Peak flavor. Or would I have to go to a farmers market and hope for the best.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Show off your greenhouses
« on: November 20, 2021, 04:26:05 AM »
Helping a friend take one down storm damage Salvage operation. Helping another to put one up.

This is my live in Greenhouse improve the lighting system since last fall.

Yes John51 that is a Picking pole I'm using for a curtain rod. Broke the other one while hanging on the curtain tying to pick up my shoe

My top 10
Sophie frey
Dupuis Saigon
Lady's choice
Zill indo-chinese
Maha Chanok
Val Carrie
Little Gem
Honorable mention
Hawaiian Tropic coconut cream
Give me 15 minutes and I'll change my mind and have a different list

To tell you the truth my top mango as of right now is Valencia Pride because I have many pounds in my freezer. Will be enjoying mango bellinis on the beach this holiday :)

Basket is made from plantain leaf stock

Kiddos unfinished art project

I have been really pleased with Supreme (also developed by Isons) but it is a female and needs a hermaphrodite like Ison to pollenate it. Some of the grapes on Supreme are 1.5" in diameter. That is a big grape! Burrying a portion of the vine that is still attached in moist sand is a good way to root them (simple layering).
Unruly muscadine grape vines do this rooting all the time. Self-rooting. On my property. These are the ones I will dig up carefully and put into pots. I will look for  Supreme. My local Lowes have lots of assorted Muscadines in the spring and fall. One gallon about $7 or $6.

If you like Ison, you will love Supreme. It is a very similar grape, just bigger (about twice as big) and a little better texture. The major draw back is the need for polination, but you should be fine on that score since you already have Ison. Sounds like you have the propagation down to a science.
The muscadine grapes finally went dormant and they shipped those two varieties to me. I planted them next to my Moringa trees in hopes they will climb

Not enough avocado and plantain talk

The first three.  I don't anything about Juliette.  Neelam.  Amrapali. I think Honey Kiss and Little Gem can be kept semi-dwarf.  Piña Colada?
When I was being a mango tourist this past season. I asked at Zill high performance if Juliet had a Sophie fry growth habit. They told me no it is a regular sized tree. That wasn't the answer I wanted maybe someone else has heard differently. I recommend Dwarf Hawaiian and Amrapali

My top 10
Sweet Tart
Dwarf Hawaiian
Orange sherbet
Fruit punch
White piri

You don't sound like you know Dr. Campbell or Mango Men too well.

I go nearly every week all season, have for years.

Wide range of mangoes, many new to me.

I've obtained underripe mangoes from many sellers. Doesn't mean that is what typically occurs. Could trash talk plenty, but it would be trash.

Dr. Campbell definitely knows how to properly grow and ripen mangoes.

Most if not all on this forum would get slapped down in a mango brawl.

Having spoke with Dr. Campbell about his favorite mangoes or "list," he shared with me that he "loves them all."


Of course it is bullshit, but he really does appear to love all kinds of mangoes.

As for him stating he is the authority on mangoes, I have never heard such from him. He is knowledgable, experienced, and thankfully opinionated about his career and passion.

I only got one box from him.
So far the only excellent Malikas I got was from him and my dad.
If I was in Miami during the season I'd certainly buy from them though.
I had quite the glut in the last 2 years from myself and nearby forum members.
Working down my 50+ collection to something more reasonable like 20.. Maybe 30
I think 20 to 25 mango tree's would give you a very broad spectrum of the flavor profiles.
I would be interested in knowing which ones that you may remove hopefully not Zinc. Maybe some of the old school commercial varieties.
My top 10
Buxton spice
Pina colada
Karen Michelle
K3 Kathy
St Maui

Is anyone growing a almond tree that's producing almonds in Florida.  What are the challenges of doing so :)

For me it was Sugarloaf M4 and CeCilove.
After a few samplings I thought they were sweet and good but not complexed. Later had to revise that opinion after having them at Peak flavor. Some of these varieties have a longer window of peak flavor :)
One of my goals for this coming season is to have CeCilove and K3 on the same plate and do a comparison taste test.
One of the best mangoes I had last season had a very long window of peak flavor. It was a Seedling of Bombay.
And no I will not utter it's name. I prefer not to incur the Wrath of the South Florida Mango Mafia
Cheer up people it's the holiday season. We will have bloom before you know it.


Not enough avocado talk

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Modus operandi of the Manacoo or possum
« on: October 31, 2021, 04:23:39 PM »
Beautification. I think this is one useful strategy. I only have a couple of mango trees that the structure isn't accommodating for this technique. This will probably only have to be deployed during fruit ripening season :)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Modus operandi of the Manacoo or possum
« on: October 31, 2021, 11:18:37 AM »
Hmmm.....  I thought it was probably squirrels that took all my Mexicola Grande fruit this year, the first time that my tree had finally set a decent crop at about four years old.

What you reoprt here, Bovine, makes sense to me for why my avos all disappeared in August before they ever had a chance to ripen.  'Til now I had blamed the squirrels for the fruits' disappearance but an opossum now seems a likely culprit, although there were no half-eaten fruits found at the base of the tree..

I will have to try a slick galvanized shield around the base of the trunk to protect next year's crop, but wonderiing how tall is going to be necessary.


Paul M.

Off to the auto parts store to get some sandpaper and some flat brown or OD green spray paint. Beautification

That's going to be my strategy with this Ruby Supreme I planted it out away from all other trees and going to put galvanized duct around the base because the squirrels are decimating my guavas.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Modus operandi of the Manacoo or possum
« on: October 31, 2021, 08:08:43 AM »
Isn't it enough that I'm at constant battle Total War over guavas and mangoes.You would think there would be a reprieve but no. Avocados! Never dreamed I would have to defend those to SOAB. I don't remember mr. Douglas from Green Acres or Old MacDonald having these kinds of issues. I have been wanting to go to Home Depot but jusr waiting for the weather cools off to check out and buy the galvanized duct pipes that The Californians suggested I use for a defense.

Yes snakes good, rodents bad
Snakes eat rodents I wouldn’t relocate snake unless venomous
I was afraid he would swallow my little friend

I won't be in your area until March spring break. Will be there for a full week with a whole lot of nothing to do.  We'll get in touch would love to tour your Grove.

I hope he doesn't get lost in your grove, skhan! ;) ;D
Look what I caught in my snake trap a Tropical Sciuridae avocado connoisseur. Yes I know catch and release. I need to get a motorcycle with a sidecar. The old Rust-Oleum truck burning too much gas.Lol

Thanks! Pineislander put that in my note app. So I wouldn't have to come back and look for this post. I also plan on going and visiting Craig over at Sulcata Grove

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Starfruit- Anyone Growing It ?
« on: October 27, 2021, 05:08:53 AM »
I let others recommend varieties but for me it's all about the juice. It makes excellent juice. Do not judge it by what you buy at the store

I was growing Island gold, Fwang Tung, Kari, and Lara at the same time.
I only have Lara and Fwang left now and Lara is about to go

Most people who try the fruits prefer the Fwang tung.
I'm not that great at discerning the flavors of starfruit but I do find Fwang tung to have the least "starfruit" type flavor.
Your description of grape seems to work though, but a mild grape.

I don't find it much sweeter than the other starfruits but it's pretty good at most stages. (Don't have to wait for complete color like the rest of the yellow ones)
The two things I like about it most is the texture (some starfruits get to soft what you leave it to ripen to long on the tree) and the ridge part of the fruit is edible (sweetest part).
Also big fruits.

If your in the area and want to try some I should have more fruits in Dec
I won't be in your area until March spring break. Will be there for a full week with a whole lot of nothing to do.  We'll get in touch would love to tour your Grove.
John51 because of the loose sand I was able to pin the snake with the shovel with only causing minor skin damage. I relocated him to a very rural area and tickled his tail with a feather as I do squirrels and raccoons. I know nothing about snakes but I think that might have been a Tropical Vegan snake. :)

I have a Carambola but I don't remember where I got it just that it was supposed to be a Dwarf. It's been transplanted three times because of mango trees and was a low-priority tree to me. I have been warned not to move that tree anymore. In the summer my wife was walking through the Mini Grove and almost stepped on a snake. I cornered him underneath the Carambola and dealt with him. So I decided to prune the lower branches and discovered it had fruit. My wife made juice and it was excellent. I decided to pick up another tree and didn't know much about the different varieties so I asked my friend and she suggested  Fwang Tung because it is quite popular with her customers. After getting home and having time I did a little research and some describe this Carambola as having a green grape flavor instead of citrus. How would you describe this particular variety. Is it distinctly different than others or just  a subtle difference.

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