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The Imidacloprid drench is suppose to last 90 days.
If you hit it now then hopefully the beetles will pollinate the
tree this Spring? You may have to sacrifice the fruit this year to
save the tree?

Looks like typical color caused from cooler temps.
I notice all my jabos look ragged this time of the year and
usually push new leaves around March and look much better.

I was going to suggest Bifenthrin
It's the only thing I found that kills the Sri Lankan Weevil.
I thought it killed everything?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: White Sapote for South Florida
« on: January 16, 2022, 06:28:25 PM »
I fruited Supersweet and Youghan's gold last year. The Youghan's
only had around 5 for the first time. I liked the Youghan's better
but want to wait and see a couple more years. My youghan's snapped
a big branch and I cut it back to almost a stump. I assumed it would
skip a year but it's growing back fast now. I am still waiting on my
Suebelle to fruit
The first year the Supersweet fruited it tasted like white icing. Last year it was
different? Not as sweet? Hopefully this year they all three will fruit? But I would
say the Youghan's is the best and also the darkest green leaves and seems to
be the happiest in Florida sun

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Edges of young mango leaves look burned
« on: January 16, 2022, 08:51:22 AM »
Is it your camera,  the trees look kinda yellow, what are you
fertilizing with? also what kind of water are you using?
I would worry about getting a good regimen and give the trees
a season and see what the new growth looks like.
I have had good luck using Diamond R  8-4-8 and spraying
a couple times a year with Southern Ag citrus foliar spray.
I apply a small amount of fertilizer every month. I water with
my shallow well which all my trees seem to thrive. I previously
watered with a deep well that was high in salts and mangos did
not do well

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Orange Sherbert warm winter Bloom issue
« on: January 16, 2022, 08:41:10 AM »
We are getting some cool/cold weather now and hopefully the rest of the
mangos will push in the next couple weeks?

Did you notify Cox's immediately when you received the tree?
I would think any reputable company would quickly want to
remedy the situation. Hopefully they have another tree and
will replace.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Grafting Che to Mulberry
« on: January 14, 2022, 05:08:49 PM »
No experience here... but I would be very interested in attempting to graft some.
Anyone have the large-seedles type cuttings for sale?

I have a large grafted "Norris" che tree and plenty of scions available

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: This this Geffner Atemoya or rootstock???
« on: January 09, 2022, 05:10:40 PM »
The graft line does look very close but you should get flowers and fruit this season
Geffner produces well for me without hand pollination

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Pickering Seems To Be In A Coma
« on: January 08, 2022, 08:51:26 PM »
Looks like cool weather next week.
I wouldn't give up yet.
My pickering hasn't pushed at all.
My NDM one half is pushing and nothing on the other side

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / cherilata
« on: January 08, 2022, 11:50:02 AM »
Fresh seeds $2 each  SOLD

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / SEEDS
« on: January 08, 2022, 11:45:26 AM »

red jabo                         1.00 fresh seeds available

Black sapote                     1.00
ZDSC                               1.00  Zill's dark suriname cherry
Pitangatuba                      1.00
starfruit                            1.00 From my very sweet fruited tree       
American persimmon          1.00
Silas Wood sapodilla           1.00
BlackBerry Jam Fruit           .50

Isan Indigo SA                        2.00
Big Red  SA                            1.00
Thai #1 Red SA                      1.00
Thai #2 Red  SA                     1.50 limited easy peal
Na Dai   SA                            1.00
Vietnamese Na Dai SA            1.00
Thai Lessard SA                     1.00

Sugarlata                              2.00
geffner                                 1.00
Lisa atemoya                        1.00
Tim atemoya                        1.00 I was recently told it is African Pride??

Red muntingia      2.50 per fruit
yellow muntingia  2.50 per fruit

Mulberry cuttings $4 each
Thai Dwarf
Shangri La
White Shatoot
Dwarf everbearing
Black Pakistan

longan scions $4each
fortune eye
biew kiew
sri champoo

White sapote $4 each
Sue Belle
Super Sweet

assorted cuttings/scions  $4 each
barbados cherry  Fl Sweet
Zill's dark suriname cherry
Red hogg plum

All the sugar apple seeds are from seedlings and have grown true. All the atemoya seeds are
from grafted trees

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: cherilata
« on: January 08, 2022, 11:31:20 AM »
Baboom! Def add a taste report when itís ready. Looks beautiful 👍

I ate the cherilata last night. I picked it as soon as it started to soften and
it took a few days to fully ripen
The last one got eaten by a raccoon.
It was a wonderful fruit. The only downfall was it was a little seedy.
It did not have segments like a sugar apple
I cut it in quarters and the seeds were easy to remove. I then cut the
skin off in one piece and I never tasted anything quite like it. It had a
sweet berry flavor and a little grit. The grit was not objectionable and added
texture. It was unique and left me wanting more. I have one left on the
tree that is only half grown 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Trees that do well and trees that don't
« on: January 07, 2022, 03:31:52 PM »
figs can be grown in pots and I have a LSU purple that is in the ground and
doing OK for over 5 years with lots of mulch and other organics The problem
with figs is most of the fruit ripens in the rainy season and they split or are bloated
and not very good to eat. Figs Thrive in dry heat

Rollinia might be too cold in 9b. I tried to grow a tree but it really didn't like 40s and mid 30s
and I dug it up and gave it away

The Vietnamese pomegranate will fruit well in the subtropics but it's not very good
to eat

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Luc's Garcinia Flowering
« on: January 07, 2022, 03:20:04 PM »
I have 5 flowering trees. They are all female and only fruit when I source and hand pollenate from a known male tree grown by a friend. I have grafted male scions to a flowering tree. The tree does not appear to want to be top worked and scions do not grow, all energy is sent to the rootstock branches. I have grafted this many times. Most result in a tree that grows at 1/10th the normal growth rate. My only successes with grafting are with large scions taken from upright growing branches. Rootstocks are 4 years old in 7 gal pots and 1/2 inch thick at the graft point. If you want to fruit this, grow multiple trees and hope you get both male and female.

Is it easy to sex the trees? What age can you tell or do you have to wait for flowers?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Luc's Garcinia Flowering
« on: January 07, 2022, 03:18:31 PM »
After over 5 years I have flowers on this one.

It looks like the tree is in full sun? How long have you had it in full sun?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / cherilata
« on: January 04, 2022, 10:01:29 AM »

Picked this morning

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Tangerines are bitter
« on: December 31, 2021, 06:14:09 PM »
Maybe the tangerines died and the rootstock which is likely
sour orange is what is bearing the fruit now?
You can graft a known variety on the trees and start over

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mango Newbie Here
« on: December 31, 2021, 10:45:39 AM »
If you cut off the pannicles now the trees will waste more energy and rebloom
this early in the season. For now wait and you can remove the fruit if it holds
later. Around April you can cut off the pannicles and let the tree grow the whole
season and hopefully be able to hold fruit next season

Doesn't green stem mean picked too early?
Tell us how it tastes

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Luc , the Mexican Garcinia guy , remember ?
« on: December 29, 2021, 09:53:23 PM »
Welcome back!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Is this a Sugarloaf Mango Tree?
« on: December 29, 2021, 04:25:42 PM »
I don't think anyone can tell you what it is
Sugarloaf doesn't have any unique characteristics that could determine
100%. Unfortunately we all have purchased trees that didn't end up being
what we wanted even from "reputable" dealers. Ebay also doesn't have the
best reputation. Do you know the seller on Ebay? Even if you do, you were
told someone else grafted it. The good news is there is plenty of budwood
available for sugarloaf and hopefully it is a grafted sugarloaf.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Tropical Fruits and Greenhouse in TN
« on: December 27, 2021, 09:17:15 PM »

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Fruit from my yard.
« on: December 25, 2021, 07:42:34 AM »
It's been so warm in December maybe that is why the taste was great? Some of my
atemoyas including my geffner have lost 80% of their leaves while others
haven't lost one and are still very green. In my exerience the fruit of my
atemoyas and sugar apples has always improved drastically the second year
The year before last year I fertilized heavy and had wonderful new growth
but terrible fruit production and taste was not great

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Grafted Mango tree Growth
« on: December 21, 2021, 04:57:19 PM »
A newly planted mango will spend it's energy esablishing it's roots
before it pushes new growth. What fertilizer and how much are you applying?
It's the winter ( sort of ) and I quit fertizing the end of October. I am in 9b
and if we get any cold weather any new growth will burn any way.
Be Patient

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