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I've been reading  discussion on the net of the use of the plant steroid Brassinolide on mangoes. I'm not an advocate for the extensive use of nitrogen or plant steroids. I am curious if anyone's observed a benefit such as lengthing the internode's to increase air flow for fungal issues with some of the dwarf mango varieties. Such as Amrapali and Julie.

Going to be in Palm Springs California area during the December holiday. I've never had cherimoya. Can I go to the grocery store and buy one and expect it to be at Peak flavor. Or would I have to go to a farmers market and hope for the best.

Is anyone growing a almond tree that's producing almonds in Florida.  What are the challenges of doing so :)

For me it was Sugarloaf M4 and CeCilove.
After a few samplings I thought they were sweet and good but not complexed. Later had to revise that opinion after having them at Peak flavor. Some of these varieties have a longer window of peak flavor :)
One of my goals for this coming season is to have CeCilove and K3 on the same plate and do a comparison taste test.
One of the best mangoes I had last season had a very long window of peak flavor. It was a Seedling of Bombay.
And no I will not utter it's name. I prefer not to incur the Wrath of the South Florida Mango Mafia
Cheer up people it's the holiday season. We will have bloom before you know it.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Modus operandi of the Manacoo or possum
« on: October 31, 2021, 08:08:43 AM »
Isn't it enough that I'm at constant battle Total War over guavas and mangoes.You would think there would be a reprieve but no. Avocados! Never dreamed I would have to defend those to SOAB. I don't remember mr. Douglas from Green Acres or Old MacDonald having these kinds of issues. I have been wanting to go to Home Depot but jusr waiting for the weather cools off to check out and buy the galvanized duct pipes that The Californians suggested I use for a defense.

I have a Carambola but I don't remember where I got it just that it was supposed to be a Dwarf. It's been transplanted three times because of mango trees and was a low-priority tree to me. I have been warned not to move that tree anymore. In the summer my wife was walking through the Mini Grove and almost stepped on a snake. I cornered him underneath the Carambola and dealt with him. So I decided to prune the lower branches and discovered it had fruit. My wife made juice and it was excellent. I decided to pick up another tree and didn't know much about the different varieties so I asked my friend and she suggested  Fwang Tung because it is quite popular with her customers. After getting home and having time I did a little research and some describe this Carambola as having a green grape flavor instead of citrus. How would you describe this particular variety. Is it distinctly different than others or just  a subtle difference.

 I will be staying in Weston for 1 week in March and over in Fort Myers Sarasota area at early June. If I could find a decent size flamethrower palm tree. I would take my truck. Hopefully in early June I will be able to score some mangoes from fruitscapes Nursery.

I don't know if I had just had never noticed or Alex recently added this variety to Tropical Acres Farms website but it sounds exotic and interesting :)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Upick persimmons in your area or region.
« on: October 16, 2021, 11:42:58 AM »
 My personal fuyu persimmon tree bloomed set fruit but aborted. Could be a maturity issue. Hopefully next season I will be harvesting my own.

Totally unrelated to topic<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Wow! This Imaging system works really well Patrick.   Bravo!!!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Tree protector Growth tubes
« on: October 01, 2021, 01:28:24 PM »
Does anyone make a tree protector  growthTube that raccoons or squirrels cannot climb? I'm kicking around ideas of wrapping galvanized or cutting thin-walled PVC for use during the temporary mango ripening harvest window

If these forecasts are accurate what is the expected effect in your area?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mango seed viability days weeks or months?
« on: September 18, 2021, 02:26:34 PM »
I just found some mango seeds underneath my guava bush. It appears that the raccoons found my guava bush to be a suitable place to have a feast on my sweet tart mangoes. I was pruning the lower branches of my guava when I noticed where banquet took place several weeks ago  😠
Out of curiosity I planted them to see what will happen. Has anyone conducted a an experiment just to see the duration of viability

Of the varieties that have this tendency. Is whether the most major factor in determining how prevalent this is?

 Would like to add more Indian varieties to my collection. Which ones do you find that are unique.

Squirrels climb my bougainvillea in the front yard and get on the roof then jump into my large pink guava bush and rob me blind. If I plant a hog Plum and Olive Tree in the front yard could I possibly Harvest a few guavas.

Would running three strands of Hotwire .One at 6 in another that a foot maybe and then a foot and a half work as a deterrent to raccoon or as my mother-in-law call some La Coon. I have some three-foot-tall Garden rabbit hog wire that I would put around the drip line or perimeter of the tree. Then run the hot wire outside of that in case they hit the hot wire and go forward instead of backing up. There's nothing new Under the Sun as the saying goes so I'm sure someone else has tried this. Hopefully with success :)

Yes John!
Rock and Roll is not noise pollution

I really wanted to be able to boast about having mangoes in September. I am losing the battle of attrition with the raccoons. Not only are they eating my mangoes but also my tuna fish. I'm losing the battle on two fronts. Squirrels have wrecked havoc on my guavas and now the raccoons have acquired a taste for sweet tart and orange sherbert. I have requested that the West Indians pick all the remaining fruit as of today. Even though this is just a hobby for me. It is still quite maddening >:(
Is it true that the iguanas in South Florida eat plumeria?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Ice cream mango Spice and flavor
« on: August 08, 2021, 10:56:47 AM »
Putting aside fiber.Is there much difference spice and flavour wise.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / N/A
« on: August 06, 2021, 05:29:14 PM »

The last mangoes i had from South Florida was Zill indochinese Venus and I had some of my own Sweet Tarts. We tasted and ate them yesterday and all I can say is Zill indo-chinese. Holy wow wow!

I still have Malika Orange Sherbert Sweet Tart hanging and about to start harvesting a bumper crop of large pink guavas and white guavas. I also have Barbados cherries that should be ready in a couple of weeks

Just starting to harvest sweet tart


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Giselle
« on: July 25, 2021, 08:59:12 AM »
I just gave one of these to a doctor friend who gave it a very good review. I have not tried it yet but will soon. Have not seen any discussion on this forum about this particular mango. Has anyone tried this. Tropical Acres Farms still has fruit. It's prepaid orders by appointment.

Cotton Candy
Phoenix/Cecilove/ Pina Colada

Honorable mentions are
Dwarf Hawaiian
Karen Michelle
Coconut cream

My Tally skills may not be accurate for I went to the University of Narcoossee
Which is an inside Osceola joke for it was a daycare center before big city came to town.
It is now what I call a Mcvision. That is a subdivision that Springs up overnight with a drive-thru. NoLol

The historical society was able to save this school house before the bulldozers arrived

Have not heard much talk about this mango this season. Since I have one that's been in the ground for two years i am curious if it is performing as advertised. Very late and coconuty
Coming to South Florida tomorrow Saturday maybe I'll get a chance to try it this season. Was not overly impressed last season other than it is very sweet.

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