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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Requesting tips for germinating Spondias seeds
« on: September 29, 2023, 12:33:11 AM »
Hello fruit experts...

I've tried some techniques for germinating SPONDIAS:  pre-soaking, sand papering the seeds (I read an article online), heat pads, humidity domes, sunlight, etc.
Airy potting mix with perlite and vermiculite... also tried the seed on top of the soil, covered with perlite.
I have had no success... I thought maybe all the Spondias seeds on Tradewinds were old and unviable; but I also purchased seeds from other sources and had similar results.

How many months should I wait for germination, before disposing of the seeds?
It's difficult to tell if they are alive or rotten, since they are so woody & dense.

Can anybody offer up suggestions or tips for germinating SPONDIAS?

Much appreciated!


Looking for Triphasia seeds, scions, or seedlings to purchase.


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