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cool! just spoke to my mango guy he is making a road trip and locking in mango for the upcoming event- we are going to try to find some of the finest- several people have confirmed, will be a really fun time with lots of premium fruit and relaxed atmosphere

St Lucian callaloo

Jamaican callaloo Trinidadian ground spinach

Okay Vince I booked two nights at the Sheraton Four Points with a room with the balcony. So if it's just me and you we'll have a good time.🙂 I would like for a shot to try a Bombay seedling variety that I find is very unique. I have some callaloo that I was going to deliver to Pine Islander before they received the cane. They are probably still in recovery mode so I'm sure that's very low on his planting list. I may bring it and give it to you I'll check with my mother-in-law

Thanks Palm City and Vincent I'll look into those other accommodations tonight but some of the feedback I'm getting is some folks would like to come but Saturdays is when they sell some of their Surplus. But I'm game I'm in

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Tampa mango Fest
« on: May 28, 2023, 09:28:55 AM »
A compadre sent me this. Kiddo lives over there by McDill

Found a nice place to stay in Punta Gorda with swimming pool on roof  Wyvern Hotel :)

Has Paul finally got the scoop ona a new large pina colada variety coming out this summer from ZHPP?

Actually if you can turn this into an annual event. Maybe get a community center from Parks and Rec I'll talk to some folks up here and a few over on the coast. One of them has a mystery machine that might be interested and in the near future I'm buying a conversion van. Punta Gorda seems like a good Midway point on the Gulf Coast

If I stretch the truth and tell him that the Bed Bath & Beyond in the mall has a pickleball court he'll be in for sure.

Since my wife's a school teacher and she'll be wanting to travel it's a possibility if we can find some decent lodging. It's a 6-hour round trip for me not quite Peak for us but possibly could bring some Bombay. I would be there more for the social aspect. I would like to meet of you fellas🙂

If you like Bailey's Marvel, go to a fruit tree nursery, pick up a tree, and plant it now.  In a couple of years, you'll have your own mangos.  If you want to experiment with and learn grafting, do that on the side.  :)
Yeah....that probably makes the most sense  ;D
Easier Said than done she lives in Orlando not West Palm Beach.
Lara farms doesn't carry that variety. Truly tropical Chris has Bailey's Marvel but she does not ship. The Facebook Market people only have what zill high performance plants sells them. Not easy to find a Juliet or Angie up here.

Generally there are two types of mango strains as far as seeds are concerned.
One strain produces polyembryonic clonal seed, identical to the fruiting tree. These can be identified by having multiple shoots or seedlings coming out of the one seed.
The other strain of mango produces seed with one zygotic embryo per seed, and one seedling per seed.
If your mango seed has multiple shoots, most will be clones.
If your mango seed has one shoot, it is most likely zygotic, and not 100% true to the parent.
This will vary according to the mango variety.
Recent hybrid zygotic types may produce more variable seedlings than other types.
Overall there is a fair chance your mango seedling will be in the ballpark of the fruit it came out of.
This where i get mine

 The seed is monoembryonic.
Bailey's Marvel is an early-to-midseason mango

Yes plant in the ground.🙂 It may take 7 or more years to produce fruit but you can learn to graft and graft Bailey's Marvel on to it. Leave one or two branches of your tree ungrafted. One day you may or may not have the best mango ever but in the meantime you can enjoy Bailey's Marvel by grafting.

Come on Ah Ping be next


White Pirie

Update on summer strawberry project Florida

Of course, you could cross 2 mangos you like and get something totally different than either one and truly awful.  :)
Okrung pollinated by a Maha. Wait 7 to 10 years and find out you have a fibrous donkey mango or something pretty good

Which characteristics of either/both do you wish the offspring to have.
Flavor of Bombay and the fruit size disease resistance Bloom consistency of VP

For me I would like a Bombay Valencia Pride seedling. What say you ?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Lachanophobia
« on: April 29, 2023, 03:01:41 PM »
Is this even possible? I may have never had or lost my mind but fear of vegetables. When I was little my grandmother beat me with a stock of celery but I feared her much more than celery😡


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Sensation mango from South Florida
« on: April 29, 2023, 08:17:32 AM »
Thanks, good to know.

Perhaps a waste of a good name for a mango.  Perhaps "al" can be added to the end in reusing the name for a superior mango in the future.

Unless of course there already is a "Sensational" mango.
There may be one in the works. The sensationally watermelon mango🙃

 Congratulations Iceman!
 Looks as though my White Pirie is about to do something

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Sensation mango from South Florida
« on: April 27, 2023, 05:27:31 AM »
Sounds like that this mango gives a putrid sensation 🤣

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Sensation mango from South Florida
« on: April 25, 2023, 10:16:03 PM »
I saw an article on the mangoes of Pakistan and I saw one name sensation I remember someone from across the pond mentioning that mango. After a Google search it seems to be in circulation also Mediterranean area. One description was of a darwfish tree with a red fruit that is very sweet and desirable  the tree itself can take lower temperatures is late season. Could this possibly also go by the name of Miami late

I thought you were going to report on this event, bovine.
I was giving an opportunity for someone in Brevard County to have their say. I didn't go because something more important came up. But the reports in chatter that I heard is that the mango selection was pretty basic varieties such as Pickering Glen nothing outstandingly unique. But there may have been. Some of the grumbling is the members sale was on Friday and they may have purchased some of the premium stuff. Someone did say they purchased some plumquats. So I didn't hear anything ecstatically exciting to report so I was hoping someone else may have something to report. Someone did say that the tropical fruit Club sale in West Palm Beach is 10 times better but you would expect so

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