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I made a video and put it on YouTube. In addition which is not on the video, is that amazingly not a single Keitt on any of my 4 Keitt trees was attacked by squirrels and especially the naked ones that were left unboxed as a control.  I think somehow the boxes scare squirrels. They do reflect and “flash” light so maybe that’s the reason????

I wrote additional observations in the information box under this video on YouTube.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / I am topping my 5 Orange Essence trees
« on: August 28, 2021, 10:02:07 PM »
Came back from a trip August 12th and cleaned off my 5 OE trees of about 25 fruit. Not a single one has ripened properly and have tasted like crap. When I think about the experience my friends are having/had that I gave some to it literally sickens me. Tomorrow I will top them all at around 4-5 feet. Only thing else I can say is I probably picked them way too late and the very hot sun cooked them. They were all clean and green and never changed colors. Iíd rather wait 3 more years after I graft to get good fruit than be embarrassed by a fruit again.

This I cloud link should work for 30 days. Be patient when itís loading. It shows 24 Valencia Prides in 2 different sized clear plastic containers and 1 not in a container as the control. Itís the end of June and many are close to ripening and this is exactly when squirrels attack. Birds canít get in the boxes but squirrels are geniuses and might but so far neither the control or the boxed are perfect. When the boxes come off the VPís theyíll get switched to the next varieties to need protection and what I donít cover will be the controls. And when itís all over the boxes will be reused every year thereafter because they are totally reusable. Also have all my LZís boxed on 1 tree except for 5.

Specifically only in Sweet Tart trees this happens when they have a lot of fruit those branches leaves turn yellow and look burnt. Iím writing because today I had a visitor who is also a member here and he said the same thing is going on with his Sweet Tart leaves on the branches with a lot of fruit. With me itís definitely not from lack of water. Could it be nutritional or just the stress on the loaded branches or both or something else? After the crop is picked should those branches be cut back to the healthy leaves or be left alone?

This season is my first time ever having to decide when to pick my Cotton Candy mangoes. Ok everywhere it says itís a late season mango but what is the about usual time itís ready. I know by me in Miami through experience almost exactly on Aug 16th from previous years I pick all my Keitts off and they ripen 1-3 weeks later. The very first time I had that crop I checked shoulders and it has worked out every year since. Additionally thatís the date the squirrels always concur by biting a bunch of them. I think but donít know that Cotten Candy turns yellow when ready. Is this accurate? Is there any approximate date that people who have had Cotton Candy crops remember or wrote down the last few years when theirís were picked correctly? Here are a few photos of where some of mine are now.

This is the first year that I have a Sweet Tart crop and Iíd love to know exactly what to look for as a starting sign that the ripening process is beginning and what I should see at the proper picking time. Right now I see 1 or 2 with yellow coming out at the very bottom. I donít know if that the first sign or a diseased sign. And if it is the beginning of the ripening process do I wait till the entire Sweet Tart turns yellow or what percentage yellow to get picked. Also I mail a lot of boxes to friends and relatives so I need them to hold up in a box for about 5 days more after picking at the most so please advise me as Iíd hate to screw up after all the work. Thanking you in advance.

This article was created 5 years ago by the greatest contributors to the TFF. 5 years ago this information was prophetic and I feel I was blessed to have been given that great information. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Every word of it has come true. It became the most influential information in my mango growing life. I owe you guys so much and I am humbled before you.

Please join me in this experiment and let us know how it went for you too.

Whether you are new at growing mangoes or your planting is maxed out here it is.
If you had/have room for 300 mango trees would you rather have 300 different varieties or 5-30 varieties in any combination?
I personally prefer a small number of varieties of what I consider the best tasting and most productive but top heavy. Top heavy meaning for example a lot of my top 5-10 favorite varieties and a few that I love but have a reputation of not producing many fruit like Pineapple Pleasure. But I strongly and definitely appreciate what squam has created with his collection. Itís like a super valuable rare art collection that his quests and himself are in awe of. What a great accomplishment.

I made an observation that night lights that light up mango branches attract flies and other bugs that can pollinate mango flowers during the night and this could lead to higher yields. Made a video so you can see what Iím talking about. Right now itís just an unproven theory. What do you think?

I have a 20í tall Kathy that is 4.5 years old in Miami that has 2 flower pannicles. Last year I got 2 fruit. This year might be the same. The fruit is spectacular. Canít even describe it or is sooo darn great. Question. Has anyone gotten a full, or a 1/2 or a 1/4 bloom with corresponding fruit yet?
I only have 1 so I need to know otherís experience before I take a chance on more Kathys. Its so called cousin Sweet Tart is a great producer of fruit but can I expect the same from Kathy?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Anybody growing Kathy please comment
« on: March 03, 2021, 05:47:50 PM »
I have a 20í tall Kathy that is 4.5 years old in Miami that has 2 flower pannicles. Last year I got 2 fruit. This year might be the same. The fruit is spectacular. Canít even describe it or is sooo darn great. Question. Has anyone gotten a full, or a 1/2 or a 1/4 bloom with corresponding fruit yet?
I only have 1 so I need to know otherís experience before I take a chance on more Kathys. Its so called cousin Sweet Tart is a great producer of fruit but can I expect the same from Kathy?

I hope this doesnít sound too Dumb!
I will never be jealous again when I see a mango tree early on totally full of blossoms. Why?
I have a mango tree that yesterday before the heavy rains was about 68% full of blossoms and this tree hangs partially over my pool patio and yesterday after the heavy rain the patio under the tree was totally covered with flowers. And that's when I realized that a fully loaded with blossoms mango tree is vulnerable to losing its flowers from not only diseases but also the weather. We always think about the March winds blowing off the fruit and maybe any new flowers but little did I realize heavy rain will strip the tree of flowers. So it's good when part of the tree gets flowers and then it slowly over period of time gets more flowers because that means that a weather event like yesterdayís won't cause you to have no fruit because more flowers are on the way with the potential to make fruit if additional strong weather events donít occur.

Orange Sherbet
Cotton Candy
Fruit Punch

I explain things under description. First go to more on the bottom right then click on description where I tell you the history and justification for topping this tree.

It is necessary to fixate a bone fracture when the 2 parts donít align properly and when there will be excess motion. If not prolonged healing will occur along with excess bone callous between the parts in an attempt to hold the parts together and fill up the spaces between the parts that has air space between them and not bone to bone. Likewise sometimes while doing Mango grafts our cuts on each side or the curvatures of each part doesnít allow the parts to align or lay on each other perfectly. The grafting clips in the video below can compensate for our grafting weaknesses and for scions or branches that curve up or down or side to side by holding the pieces together where itís crucial.
I was making a list in my head while doing these of all the advantages to using clips and Iíll tell a few that I can think of.
So when you attach these 3/16-5/16Ē scions with budding (Buddy) tape and you are doing it on a very thin new shoot that can easily get pulled off at its base as you pull the buddy tape tight to secure the scion you donít have to do that anymore...pull tight.
Why? Because when you apply the clip it supplies just enough pressure down on the 2 sides to bring them together but not crush them.
Also if your cuts arenít perfect the clip makes up for that.
Since you are using very thin diameter scions being attached to very thin shoots when you make the cut into the shoot deep enough a lot of the time that shoot that has heavy leaves on top becomes structurally unstable but when you attach the scion with buddy tape itís still is unstable but with the clips across the 2 pieces the weakened thinned out portion becomes supported by the ďpatchĒ which is the scion and the ďglueĒ which is the clips.
Also sometimes when you make your entry with your knife into the scion the angle can be a bit too steep so when you attach it to the shoot the top part will not lie flat on the shoot. Here we try to press with our fingers the 2 parts together and twist the tape to make it stronger than tie the pieces together hoping that the pressure from the 2 parts to pop up doesnít happen. But now we just have to put a clip there to hold the parts together. A lot of times youíll have a scion that curves to the right or curves to the left or itís just curves back-and-forth to forward back and even if you cut the scion as perfect as possible when you line everything up you have to like push part of it over. But with the clips you can compensate for that and straighten it out and itíll stick in place. In the video you see 2Ē clothes pins. The branch of the tree curved upwards. This scion really needed to be pulled down on its top and itís base and the center. It was so stiff it would have been worthless to tie it down because nothing could hold it down enough except a clip/clothes pin with lots of constant downward pressure keeping the parts stick together till it heals together just like a fixated bone.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Haas and Haas Carmen
« on: July 20, 2020, 01:18:40 AM »
Can one of you Californians please answer this question. The Haas avocados in Cal can be eaten in November but you leave them on the trees to become better as time passes. If they turn black/brown say Thanksgiving will they stay on the tree till May/June/? Do they stay green on the trees all the ay to May/June?

I wish to inform everyone who has an interest in all the substitutes for the real Haas because you are under the impression that one cannot grow a ďreal HaasĒ in Florida that you now can grow the real Haas even in Miami as my 4 Haas trees have proven. This is a previously patented variety called Haas Carmen. I bought mine in California 6 years ago and they are exactly the same variety you buy in Publix. The name is still under copyright so one can reproduce this tree but cannot sell it using the name Haas Carmen. There is only 1 nursery at this time in Homestead that is reproducing these trees but itís being called a Mexican Haas.  I gave Zill scions so that they can start reproducing this variety themselves.
Hard to believe Iíve got 4 beautiful big healthy Haas trees growing in Kendall with lots and lots of perfect Haas youngins growing and staying clean on the trees right through maturity. I have zero financial interest in any of this.

I have an important question so I can improve my mango collection. Can you please tell me in your opinion how you would rank the following varieties only by taste and nothing else like fiber and productivity. Only by taste starting with which of the following would be #1 followed by 2 etc. if you havenít tasted any of the ones on this short list please just leave it out.
Pineapple Pleasure
Orange Sherbet
Lemon Zest
Sweet Tart
Cotton Candy
Orange Essence
Thank you soooo much your opinions are very respected by me. Rank them purely on taste. Thanks Rich

Can someone please tell me what to look for to tell when to pick my Rosigold. Thanks

So we can stop worrying. The big bloom is coming.

This is a 2 parter. So you have a home on a 1/2 acre corner lot with a pool and around the home you have a mixture of 10 beautiful mango and avocado trees 6-12 feet tall. Will this increase the value of your home?
Part 2. Same home but with close to 300 of the same mango and avocado trees do you think that this would have an effect on your homeís for sale value?

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