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I am thinking of acquiring a Wax Apple for my small yard.  There are 2 local nurseries currently have Wax Apple in stock.  One nursery only has the Thai Long Green cultivar, while the other nursery have Black Diamond, Black Pearl, Jumbo Fragrance, Red Rocket, Thai Jumbo, Thai Green.

I heard some cultivars are sweeter, more crispy and juicy, less seeds than others.  The nursery who sells Thai Long Green said it is very sweet and seedless.  Do you agree?  Which ones would you recommend?  I am looking for the sweet, crispy and juicy; if less seeds would be a bonus.  I am in zone 10B, and may keep the tree in the pot for a while until I get a chance to try the fruits before planting it in the ground.  Will it fruit in a container within 3 years?

Thank you for your feedback in advance.


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