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Interesting adaption Carlos, when I first started grafting avocado's many years ago now I used your bag method but without parafil in those days. I have experienced just lately on a graft on cherimoya seedling in G.H. that was wraped in parafilm the buds push on one tree only to start to dry up, I'll have to put bag on to see if that helps. I kind of forgot about that bag trick thank for posting. We had a few hot day here in Caif. and way dry!
I forgot to mention that when I first used bag we use to put moist paper towel around graft at bottom of bag for added moister.Might have to adapt to that technique again now that Calif. is so dry!

Persimmons have sinsitive roots your tree should go in ground or else bigger pot!

Unfortunately I didn't get to meet digigarden on my trip but I can contribute some pictures now at least!

A shell ginger of some kind-

Unknown Palm-

What your calling some kind of ginger is a Heliconia, Maurice thanks for posting pic's from your area very interesting to see what all is growing on your Island.
I believe Pandanus tectorius- Hala

1-bird of paradise, used as ornamental
2-not sure if this is a chinese fan palm or something else but i'm sure i've seen it before.
3-pandanus in DR is supposed to be Pandanus odoratissimus but hey...

PM sent

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Question: when to graft rootstock?
« on: April 30, 2022, 10:57:34 AM »
You should go ahead and graft now!

Got mine yesterday thanks Behl 8)

Wow Kaz, that is the biggest fruit set I've every seen on Mulberry amazing 8)

47& 103 ;)

Cool congrats ;) 8)  Around same time I grafted my shrub outside I'am starting to see little red bud's pushing through para-film and some round I assume flower bud's on some branches. I take a pic tomorrow, what worried me was after grafting we had 5-6 hour freeze down to 29-30 for that long but I know they (Myrica )are hardy. Some more time will tell for sure.

Nice graft's Thera ;) How long ago did you graft them?

Whoa Mark, I don't like hearing that your graqft's didn't take, I did some grafts on m. californica back in late Feb. or early March also got scions from Fang. Nothing pushing yet afraid to look!!  :o

Hey Shiloh, I recieved my stat apple seeds yesterday  ;)Spouting and in great shape thanks for quick ship.

I have not grafted canistel but grafted Lucuma and I would think if compatable would be better to put canistel onto harder Lucuma.

I use Doc Farwell grafting sealer mostly on decidious trees what I like about it is you can water it down 50% to cover scion wood. It a water soluable plastic product.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Dullish avocado
« on: March 22, 2022, 11:58:12 AM »
Could just be varities difference you never said what varieties you picked up? I would quess that the yellowesh one a some mexican varital in it!

Kaz is 4

Kaz it as to be 69

Mark-I sent a message to your e-mail last week.

Jonah, send me a e-mail  thanks ;)

Jonah, do you have any scions left?

Ok, Kaz got to be 69

bet it's 47

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