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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Viva Pickering
« on: April 08, 2012, 11:04:46 AM »
hi, :D
soon be ready to eat. ;)


Walked outside today to find my Coconut cream snapped cleanly on the graft line lying on the ground. Was heart broken. Made the call to Jeff and an hour later was on my way home with a Nice 7 gal CC a Sunrise for My buddy sleep and a fairchild #2 Canistel that is about 15 inches tall and already flowering. The wind was howling today in Kendall hopefully this is the end of it. Thanks Jeff!
hi, :-[
sincerely sorry for what happens to you. :(
you can take pictures to see if there have a solution for your tree?

Salut Anaxel,

J'ai deux variétés de mangue qui auront besoin d'élagage : Angie et Jean Ellen. Tout le monde dit que Jean Ellen  n'est pas très bon, mais Angie est delicieuse. (mango may be male, but Angie is female  :))

That's about the extent of my college French, which was a LONG time ago.

I am willing to send you some budwood, but I need direction from the experts here about how to prepare and ship.

hello guys, :D

you have a French well-written,  you must speak french?.
thank you for the offer you made ​​me.
my request is based on the mango (1: pickering, 2: mallika, 3: carrie, 4: bailey's marvel, 5: nam doc May, 6: gold nugget, 7: dot, 8: coconut cream, 9: lemon zest ).
they are the best variety I've read in the forum and that fits well in pot culture, I think?

thank you all.

 hello  :D,
I live in France and I know that for scions, it was not necesary to certificate.
thanks you.

 hello, :D
I read on the forum and I find A Good subject, a lot of objective response question, thank you guys.
I start the mango tree in a pot and it is true, You have Variety of fine quality.
There I look Variety of mango, that 'I can not find a country, like Pickering, mallika, dot, ice cream, carrie ....
    There Someone Who Could Have Me budwood ,help me?
I pay the costs. :-[

with the speed, I did not pay attention to the list.

I'm a fan of exotic plants and fruit trees, like many other.
I think that passion must be shared with other passionate and that aid must be between between passionate.
I want a mango pickering, gold nugget, glenn, mallika or cuttings, the problem is that I live in europe (France) and that the costs are high.
I have three rootstock waiting to be grafted, I thought of a cutting in a bubble envelope?
is there someone to reduce cost or otherwise.
thank you very much.

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