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Tropical Fruit Tree Connoisseur
Fruit Trees:
 Pitanga (black)
 Cedar Bay Cherry
 Breadfruit (Maafala)
 Kwai Muk
 Jacks (berry seedling + unknown)
 Fruit Punch
 Lemon Zest (seedling)
 Orange Essence
 Multigraft tree with red, white, trunciflora, grimal, and restinga
 Novak Phitrantha
 Lemon Drop
 Sugar Apple
 Cinnamon Apple
 Rose Apple
 Wax Jambu
 Miracle Fruit
 Sapodilla var. Alano
 Black Sapote var. Excalibur
 Muntigia Calabura
 Cados (bacon)
 Mulberries var. Pakistan Black, Shangri La, and rootstocks
 Pink Guava
 White Sapote var. Redlands
 Lychee var. Sweetheart
 A.Apireono Mandarian from CCPP
 Meyer Lemno
 Grapefruit var. Ruby Red
 Temperate Fruits:
 Bell of Georgia, Doughnut
 Rosa Plum
 Unknown Hybrid
 There are also many other trees not listed and many others that are being acquired on a day to day basis :) Note: Most of these trees come from 3 gallons from FL, but some of the rarer stuff is from seed.
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