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Congrats to the Winners:

Ok, the following people who won the Peluche cutting will need to pay for the shipping cost ($10.20) by Friday. Send me a message and I will let you know how to pay for the cost.

1. Newbie2figs
2. Fygee
3. John B
4. Carolinazone - see you won.
5. Lonehawkstation

When you make the payment for the shipping cost, please provide your mailing info so I can cut/ship anytime after I receive your payment.
Thanks. I couldn't have done it without you pushing me!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Rooting hormone for graft success?
« on: June 12, 2023, 05:53:55 AM »
Muy interesante. I might try it. Scratch that. I will try it.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Rooting hormone for graft success?
« on: June 10, 2023, 09:44:15 PM »
A few months to a year ago someone posted some YouTube links and they showed mango grafting in South East Asia. Basically they were using unripe bananas as a grafting adjutant. I watched some where they would just smear the cut ends of the graft union andnI saw some where they used banana past to cover the union. After this the union was wrapped in some sort of grafting film. This took me down the rabbit hole until I found some research about auxins and cytokinins. If I am correct these are used in rooting hormone powders. Has anyone here tried using  these for grafting?

Anyone else a follower of this awesome channel? He has reviewed so many fruits and cultivars. I hope some of you forum-goers can help his channel by mailing any of your exotic fruit he hasnt reviewed yet to share with the world. I have submitted a Ponderosa lemon to him a few years ago and plan on sending others. I know there is a member (Miguel) who has contributed his Eugenias also. Check him out, totally binge worthy!
I've seen his his stuff. There is actually a forum member that has a channel I like because he reviews his own fruit:eyekr. (Damn I hope i spelled that right). Virginiafruitgrower is his youtube channel.

I'm not too good to say it. Use a systematic on it.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: WTB Ruby Crisp Muscadine
« on: June 06, 2023, 07:15:05 AM »
Never heard of it but i will now do some research .

Yep. Did some digging. I found this place called Guess what they also sell..... yamamomo otherwise known as yang mei!!!! There was a guy on here a few months back claiming he could export from Japan. When I asked for a picture of his product he sent me a pic. I googled  the pic and found it was snatched from Anyway. Yep. The stuff is here in stock and in supply. I wish i knew how to export this stuff because I would do it myself while I'm here.

Nice that you are going to Japan, try to find/buy a fruit called Queen Nagasaki loquat. It measures in at 150 grams according to a person who went there to visit relatives.

I found a person who has a seedling tree in SoCal that has fruits larger than any of my Peluche fruits (117 grams). This seedling tree has fruits which weighs 120 grams, without thinning the fruit cluster. I know this to be true since I went to his house and picked the fruits myself. It could replace the Peluche as the largest loquat fruit, wow. When I get chance, I will be posting the largest loquat fruits this season showing the fruits side by side.
This tree must not be common. All I found was Nagasakliwase. No you have an idea of the japanese name for this cultivar?

No, it is for who ends up being the NBA champs so more games to go.
Hahaha! I know nothing about basketball ;D. I hope I find some loquats in Japan. It's supposed to be yangmei season too.
BTW THANKS for having the contests/raffles for plants. I support the concept of spreading good cultivars.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: AKME Gardens
« on: June 02, 2023, 05:58:44 AM »
Does anyone else remember that scammer? He got me about15 years ago.

Avoid doing business with AKME. I sent a payment to Ms. Diaz months ago and they've not sent any updates or replied to my inquiries. I had to initiate a dispute with my bank to get my money back. Absolutely the worst online business I've dealt with. Garden Crochet is a better option for loquat scions.
Who is this garden crochet you speak of? I would like to see what cultivars you have.

Wait??? Did I win???? I think I won. I'm pretty sure I won. Altogether now. CarolinaZone won!!!CarolinaZone won!!!CarolinaZone won!!!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Black things in my feijoa
« on: May 23, 2023, 02:42:40 PM »
Hit them with neem and chrysanthemum. Then put some Tero antbaits ( the liquid) packs at the base. Wait about a week then hit them again and lay down some diatomaceous earth. The antbaits should kill the ants. The diatomaceous earth in round two should prevent them from farming if any stragglers are left and the queen isn't dead after round one.


Look I agree a federal charge on the guy sounds harsh but this dude is lying about everything there is to lie about. If he doesnít wanna go to jail, he should probably think about refunding all these people. By definition, fraud is using deception (lying) to take peoples money. If he canít prove he was in the hospital, etc, etc, etc, and all these other excuses, itís really an open and shut case. And if he was really in the hospital for that long, I wish him best of health but he still stole all yíallís money and disappeared.

Hell, if heís in the hospital, why TF is his website even still up? As a business wouldnít you want to inform your customer instead of hiding, then come back strong with a reopening? Every move he makes just reeks.

And itís not small claims, he used the internet to steal across state lines so he opened himself up to wire fraud for every person he defrauded that doesnít live in Alabama. If it was all in person it would be small claims (Iím not a lawyer at all but thatís the way I understood it at least)

I mean, his facebook page uses his middle name as his last name and has the wrong age. Every day that goes by of him not replying just makes him look more guilty.

They tried all those previous links to state departments in the first page of comments, I canít really think of anything or anyone else to try; Iím just hoping it works out for yíall. All yíall, even him. Preferably not with him in a jail cell, but at some point this dude made his own bed.

Or maybe Iím being harsh; which honestly is totally fair, but I hate reading ALLLLL these people all getting burned by him. At some point, a federal case for wire fraud is gonna be the only option : (
Wire fraud? Maybe. Getting a court to give a s*** with the amounts of money involved, is doubtful. The case also hinges on intent. I don't think the case would stick. I don't think enough people have been harmed to make it worth a beaurocrat's time to bring it. The only way to resolve it is if he wants to. The only way to get your pound of flesh is to hit his pockets. How much is that gonna cost? We gotta take the hit and move on.

On that note, are there any trusted sellers of multi-grafted loquats that ship?
Hahaha. If there were we wouldn't be talking and I would already own my peluche avri novak piera monster ;D ;D

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Butterscotch sapodilla questions
« on: May 19, 2023, 12:28:20 PM »
Mine is in a container. There is another sapodilla in a container in my yard. They both have had little furits but none have matured.

Yeah Im talking about soaking the cut end of the scion after you make the cuts for the graft.  You dont just stick it in there dry do you?  Do you?
Ok. Wait...what are we talkin' bout here? Right, just to clarify how long do we soak so that there is sufficient lubrication for success? Dip it in and pull it out or leave it there while? The applies only the scion, right?

At this point Iíd skip all the pleasantries and just go straight to the FBI. As a collective, I know we can get this done.

Above is the official FBI reporting service for cyber crimes.
FBI?? Okay. I get the anger but calling the feds? It's small claims jurisdiction.

Does anybody here remember that guy on the west coast who had several websites scamming on fruit trees? This is like the early 2000 teens. He had BBB complaints and got sued. He was scamming on avocados. He got me and I think I posted in athread about it. Darn I wish I could remember the business.

The point is if it's a con shop, unless the amounts are pretty high the FEDs will do nothing. The FTC might do something but like I said it's the amount. Ask anybody who has ever bought a snake oil health supplement. Even if he stuck someone for $1000 that is not the same as sticking 1000's of people of people for $10. The FEDs don't care. If you want results you have to call state authorities. Call the ag department, tax department, or call his local news station. That said it is better to leave the man alone. Tell everybody on every website you use about his bad business practices. I personally don't know the man and I have written about my experience with him. Should he make amends for his bad business practices with his customers? YES. Give out refunds, extras, and apologies. YES! Fed charges? No. I don't know if the man is sick or not. Anybody that truly does let us know. Old man opinion finished. :-X

I have an interesting seedling loquat tree. It seems to have some ripe fruits in January, but most of the ripe crop is now like most other varieties. This is the first time I noticed this one tree had the ripe fruits in January so I will need to keep an eye on the tree to see if it blooms early (August). I also noticed I have one other seedling tree which has ripe fruits in May (main crop), then a smaller ripe fruits in November. So maybe one of these trees may fruit twice a year which is different. None of my other named cold hardy varieties have multiple flower and fruiting times.
  Do you know the parents of the seedlings? I wonder how often any plant might have a few flowers out of season? I had a persimmon flower about two months after all the other fruits set last year.

You should always dip the cut scionnin water before grafting.  Even sticking in your mouth andnusing spit works fine.
I have never heard of that and haven't seen that in any grafting video. Tell me more abut this and how it works. I had some expensive scions fail on me so I am curious. Thanks


I thnk the issue is not the cold, as in the tree's ability to survive but to get it to fruit well.
So not sure if thats achievable with grafting

Not even sure there are varieties that bloom in spring, allegedly there are but it smells fishy if I really look into it, almost as if it was anecdotal lol
See reference above to "Piera". I don't know that it is availabe in the nursery trade. My inquiries have met with confusion. If it tastes good it could be a game changer for those of us in colder climates.

Anyone tried eating the pitangatuba after a miracle fruit?
You know what? I have both and never thought of it.

Supposedly "Rose Anne" variety exhibits spring blooming. I'll believe it when I see it. 8)
My question would be whether those spring flower buds form in fall/winter and just don't open until spring, or whether the buds don't even form until spring. You need the latter or else they will still get fried over the winter.
My thoughts exactly. Some company in Great Britain supposedly had them. I can't find any research on the variety. What strikes me strange is, why no Asian varieties (yeah I  know all loquats come from asia) have been developed that display this behaviour?

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