Author Topic: Would love to find fruit experts to give a talk at our CRFG San Diego meeting!  (Read 368 times)


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Hey All,

I am the chair of our local CRFG San Diego chapter. I am looking for people who have chosen to specialize in specific fruiting plant varieties to be speakers at our monthly meetings, either in person or on Zoom (7pm PST, 4th Wednesday of the month). It is a great way to market your knowledge, brand and what you sell online AND help us Southern California fruit nerds learn more about growing cool cultivars/species. Please reach out to our club email if interested, Please use the header Speaker Request if you can so we can easily sort the emails. Have a great week!

James Lively


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Hi James, slightly off topic, but I used to belong to CRFG, but because I am in Idaho and rarely get to SoCal, I never got a chance to participate in anything. The main advantage to membership was the magazine.
My ears perked up when I saw you said "Zoom".
Are many chapters still holding Zoom meetings, or offering Zoom as an option, and do you know if that might continue, even though Covid seems to be dwindling (or we have just given up and accepted the 'new nornal'?).
I would love to rejoin if I could remotely attend some meetings.



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OC CRFG has zoom meetings.


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