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Potatoes, yacon, oca, and other root crops

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--- Quote from: JCorte on April 27, 2021, 08:34:51 PM ---Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my favorite source for root crops from a breeder in Washington.  He just made items available for pre-order for next season.


He specializes in Andean potatoes, yacon, oca, mashua, and ulluco.
Iíve also ordered perennial sea kale and dwarf Jerusalem artichokes.
I love his potatoes.


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Hi Janet, do you know what happened to Cultivaribles? Nothing is available, seems that he isn't taking preorders either. In his personal posts he's saying he's very disorganized. I am finally ready to plant roots but the web site is dormant.
Also, I'm looking for mashua negra, the only place I saw it was Indonesia... have you heard of anyone selling it?

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I too seek many roots. Please advise or assist =)

Cultivariable is working on increasing their foundation stock this year so not much inventory available now.  He expects to have many new varieties for release next year around September.  Because he is not offering pre-orders any more, you just have to add yourself to his waitlist for any item out of stock and you'll get an email when they're available.

Peace Seedlings offers some Andean root crops, this is Dr Alan Kapuler's daughter's seed company.  They update their inventory in January.

As far as I know, Cultivariable is the best source, but he's a one man show doing this as a hobby, so it takes time to get his genetics.  I have always received my orders from him even if it was a year wait.


Looks like you can't be added to waitlist for some items.  I would check his site in March or Sept when he posts inventory for sale.



--- Quote from: JCorte on November 17, 2023, 11:00:40 AM ---Looks like you can't be added to waitlist for some items.  I would check his site in March or Sept when he posts inventory for sale.


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thank you Janet! I added many things to waitlist, hope they become available this season. Your work on the farm is impressive, we are about to start the similar volume of work, grading slopes with lots of berm type spaces, but small excavators are unavailable here so looking for alternatives - anything other than elbow grease  ;D

Brian laufer:
Purple Yacon rhizomes available.  This variety makes orange hued tubers. Very crunchy juicy and sweet roots.
10$ per pieces.


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