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Thanks for re bumping this topic, I missed it last time. Wow, some great stuff on that site.

Love that your sons are helping in the vegetable garden.  By 'perennial seaweed' do you mean the perennial sea kale (crambe maritima)?  This is a great perennial that I blanch during winter like Belgian endive.  I grow them in 3 gallon pots and let them get large during summer then cut back.  You can eat the summer grown leaves cooked like regular kale.  For tender blanched winter greens that are a beautiful pale yellow or lavender depending on variety, I cover the top of the pot with a 3 gallon black fabric grow pot that fits over the pot you are growing in.  This excludes light so the new leaves don't develop chlorophyll.  They make great salad 'greens' blanched this way and you don't have dig up roots and force indoors in the dark like chicories.  Wish I had a picture to show you, the wavy leaves with light pink/ lavender colors are beautiful.

Glad you found the site.  I hope more people will support his breeding work.  I don't know of anyone else developing potatoes like him. 


Check out the home page for all the other items he sells, really impressive selections.

Pics of some of the potatoes

I am growing these at the moment, New Zealand Kidney Potato. Blue Skin white flesh with a few purple streaks.
Might be good to grow from seed to get more tinted flesh ?

Pagnr, the kidney potatoes look good.  For purple/blue flesh, I like purple majesty.  I donít like the skin on it though, so itís best to peel it especially if you are using in a recipe for boiled potatoes.  I like that it grows easily in a fabric grow bag.

Pic of purple majesty and other potatoes grown in containers.



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