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My main thoughts are, energy is finite.  If it's storing it in potatoes, it's not giving it to the fruit.

I can think of a graft that wouldn't have this problem, though - "tomacco", tomato/tobacco, or "potacco", potato/tobacco  ;)  If you grafted tomato vines onto a tobacco stock or tobacco onto a potato stock, the tobacco leaves at the base would continue to be sugar producers, not consumers.  You get you tobacco leaves and you also get your veggies.  Though I have to wonder whether the nicotine would be sap-mobile...

yeah, pomatoes. I made a thread about making one on the vegetable forum, but my potatoes failed to sprout and now it's getting chilly, so i have put my project on hold till next year. But it's not supposed to be that difficult, and there have been many pomates before this one.


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