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Fig winter protection

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Daintree, i didnt fix the styrofoam house to the ground in any way , it was so tight on the canopy and the friction from the branches kept it quite sturdy, i just placed some soil at the bottom to fill up the holes i had.
I dont know to what an extend the box helped, meaning that the fig right next to the enclosed one managed just fine trought thim mild winter. However, last winter was kinda like the one this year, and then i had almost every tip bud on the covered/back then uncovered fig, die due to frost. This year with the coverage 100% of the tips are healthy and green, wating for the plant to start to wake up. The other one that didnt got protection is awready waking up, i suspect since i removed the coverage on this one a week or so ago, it will wake up later. This may be an advantage, the white box apparently kept it cooler now in spring, thus altering an early wake up. I think i could have left the box on till like the end of april, and the plant would still be dormant by the time i remove it, works kinda like an refrigeration box .

Bussone, i past years i was also doing the winter protection on the inground figs this way, some tightly packed hay, covered with an nylon bag, covered with a white reflecting weaved sack. Worked well, ive also done the ground burying method, also works fine, as long as you have young flexible stemms that you could guide down.
Nice fig plant by the way, mine are smaller than this, will post pick of them tomorrow. 

This is the one without winter protection, already waking up, the variety on this one is a hardy Bulgarian variety called mitchurinska 10.

This is the other one , its in a more open spot so this is probably why it gets frost bitten in winter, whereas the other one never had a problem, fruits of both are literally the same, i suspect this one is also mitchurinska 10, i collected it from the Black sea coast many years ago, grew it in a pot for a long time and i suspect that this stunted it a bit . As you can see it has quite a compact and dense canopy, figs are usually nowhere near as well behaved plants ,sizewise. 

Those are some cuttings l started last summer, its a big fruited variety i found in Sofia, the figs were delicious and quite big, also ripens at the start of september or even earlier. Plant is quite hardy, never saw a damaged branch by cold. I am planning to plant a few of these plants in a line, in a place where i have the opportunity to grow them as espaliers, i will definitely do a winter protection on those in their first winter, probably after that also.


--- Quote from: bussone on April 20, 2023, 11:15:19 AM ---I've got what's nominally a Brown Turkey -- it was sold as that anyway, even if I'm not totally convinced it actually is...

--- End quote ---

Looking at a few sites recently, I'm increasingly of the opinion that I have a Brooklyn (Naples) White. It matches in all respects.

Good tree.

I've never covered my Chicago hardy. It died back twice now in 4 years. I never get fruit despite it grows huge. The only time I got fruit was when it was in a container.


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