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Nectarine whip is only pushing growth in one bud


Last fall I bought a nectarine tree with a nice but very high branching, so I cut it down to knee high and it became a whip.

It has pushed growth for a while already. The problem is that the stubborn want to push growth on the lower buds, no matter how many times I stop it.

It has only pushed growth in one of the high buds, which is already a branch pushing more branches.

How could I encourage the other buds to start growing? Should I prune back this new branch that it's already pushing too far?

I would say give it some time to let the roots get established so that when you cut again it won't have a problem pushing on multiple spots.

This is it.

That's above the graft union so it will be fine, don't bother it for now. If anything try to straighten it as that branch will become the main trunk.


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