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Ideas on Forcing Nectarine in pot to leaf out?


I had a nectarine in a pot that may have not had enough chill hours this winter. The tree still hasnít done anything but a scratch test shows itís still green. Any tricks to forcing it to leaf out or is it just done?

Take it outside and let it get some chill. There should still be plenty of 45 degree days in Canada.

Yeah Iíve had it outside for a month, I was hoping that would do the trick. Itís not dropping below 45 anymore at night.do you know if peach trees leaf late if they havenít had enough chill, or do they just not flower?

Nick C:
chill hours should only affect stone fruit's ability to flower

It has always been my understanding that leaves and bloom on any given tree have different chill requirements. Trees that try to leaf without sufficient chill have a very distinctive appearance often growing weakly just at the tips.


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